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#001 - An Introduction: Selling High Ticket Coaching Offers is Easier Than You Think

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Can You Really Make 7-Figures with An Online Business?

You’ve seen them everywhere: 

Online courses. Masterclasses. Digital products. Coaching Programs. 

But do you ever wonder if people actually pay big money for them? Or if people are really making millions online? Are they scams? Or is an online business actually legitimate?

As someone who’s generated millions online herself and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and influencers do it too, I’m here to tell you that YOU (yes, YOU) can make 7-figures online without seeming spammy or sketchy.

And you can do it with a business that you run on your own terms. No 70 hours a week. No compromising your mental health. No negative impact on your family.

It’s totally do-able with premium online offers—  which is why you’re seeing them everywhere. The online course and e-learning industry is now worth $107 BILLION and predicted to climb to a staggering $327 billion by 2025.

If that’s not legitimate, I don’t know what is! However, seeing is believing, right? 

As someone who works with leading influencers and entrepreneurs, I help you create new streams of income like online masterclasses, courses, digital products and high-end coaching or consulting offers. I strategize the perfect online offer for your business and my team handles everything else: creation, productization, marketing and launch. We take care of the entire process so you can focus on doing what you love.

And if you’re currently partnering with brands or have a product line, there’s never been a better time to grow and scale your business with additional streams of online income. 

Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s what happens when you add the right online offer to your business:

The Right Online Course To The Right Audience Makes Millions 

This client had 500, 000 subscribers on YouTube. A huge achievement, right? 

Except, she was making a fraction of what she could when we met. She was partnering with brands and making pennies with affiliate offers when viewers bought her recommended products. 

After working together, I helped her create a fabulous online course which her viewers LOVED. We dialed into the needs of her audience, and delivered exactly what they wanted. 

That ONE course is on-track to make over 1 million dollars! 

High-End Coaching and Consulting Programs 

Increase Your Rates…Dramatically!

When I started working with this client, she was heavily discounting her rates…and working way harder than needed to make ends meet. 

Through working together, and getting ultra-clear on the transformation she gets for her clients, she was able to increase her rates from $5000 for a 6 month container to $5000 PER MONTH. 

It’s completely changed her life and business!

Giving Your Audience What It Wants 

Grows Your Bottom Line…And Your Impact

This last client is a massive Instagram influencer. With over 600,000 followers on the platform, most people thought she was rolling in dough from sponsorships. 

The truth is, she only had a $20/month membership program for her fans. 

To help her breakthrough, I helped her strategize a $500 course that addressed her audience’s top pain points, which became a runaway hit. I also helped her DOUBLE her membership subscriptions by clarifying the transformation she offers. She was making more money than ever before AND helping thousands more people.

She couldn’t believe the results when she saw them.

But They Aren’t Unique. 

You Can Create A Booming Online Business Too!

Are you thinking that it’ll never happen for you? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re young and hip or mature and eccentric. 

YOU can create your dream 7-figure business without it interfering with your life and family. And it doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s business. In fact, it’s even better if it’s totally, undeniably, uniquely YOU.

Get creative. Color outside the lines and do business your way. That’s the magic of having an online business. You can move to Bali like me and my family or travel the world…whatever your heart desires. 

Here’s How You’ll Get The Best Results:

When I work with clients, I help you get super clear on the vision you have for your business. Then, I help you create a business model that works for you, your family and lifestyle: whether it’s an online course, a digital product or a high-end mastermind.

I help you with the strategy, and once that’s ironed out, my team gets to work on all the marketing, backend systems, productization and structures to bring it to life.

That way you get to focus on being the superstar you are, while we create and launch the perfect premium offer for you. 

Sounds interesting? If you’d like to enjoy the same multi-million dollar success my clients and I’ve found with our online businesses, I’d love to chat!

Click the link below to schedule a call with me and we’ll discuss the best strategy to make your vision a reality.