“I can’t believe I had a $120,000 launch while traveling the world. I’m leading a revolution and feel like I’m making a real impact! A few years ago, I never thought I could create an online business like this. I thought I wasn’t good enough. Not talented enough. That it wasn’t possible for me. Now that I’m living it, I just can’t believe it sometimes. Thank you, Jessica!!”


Business & Strategy Coach for Millennial Women

Gwendolen created a 6 figure business, launched her book and landed dozens of media opportunities!

“Jessica helped me to attract incredible clients who are getting amazing results from my services. As soon as we started working together I felt a big relief from having this area of my business taken care of. I was surprised at how little I had to do and how easy it was to sign clients!”

ROSA jakobs

Money Mindset Coach

I signed a high-ticket client week two of joining the program. The incubator will give you the high-level trainings, accountability and support you need to sign high-ticket clients.

Queen Chioma Nworgu

PR and Media Coach, Consultant & Member at Forbes Coaches Council

“Jessica is amazing. She helped me triple my average monthly revenue! To be honest, it’s so hard to find someone you can trust that’s amazing at strategy but also execution. Jessica is it! She listened to me on calls, provided guidance and helped me recognize areas of improvement. I also gained sales skills I didn’t have before. She over-delivers to help me reach my ultimate goal and doesn’t give the bare minimum. I feel so fortunate that I met Jessica- and to be working with her.”

Melisa Liberman

Career Advancement Coach for Tech Leaders, MELISSA LIBERMAN COACHING

“Working with Jess has been incredible. I booked $60k in sales with dream clients and hit my first 6-figure year! That was one of my biggest goals; to replace the income I used to make with my corporate job. I’m also now getting transformation results for my clients, building a community around my brand, and soon adding passive income for more revenue. I absolutely recommend working with Jessica and her team. It’s onwards and upwards from here!”

Carly Taber

Business & Strategy Coach, CARLYTABER.COM
“You’re in great hands when you decide to work with Jess and her team, from the beginning I felt really taken care of. Right away we started booking sales calls and paying clients, and not just any clients, ideal, dream, soul clients. Clients who pay in full and who are a pleasure to work with”
Omar Hassam
Personal Branding Coach

“I finally have clarity on my direction moving forward and an offer I’m really excited about it! It’s only been a month and we have already made so much progress. I’m so glad I decided to work with Jessica as opposed to taking a group program.”

Andrea Laurie

Personal Branding Strategist

“I originally had a brick + mortar neuropsychology practice but wanted to transition my business online.That’s when I reached out to Jessica. Jessica helped me adjust very quickly and learn how to connect with my market, which was an entirely different challenge to what I faced inside my practice. As an introvert, it was difficult for me to be visible at first, but Jessica helped me get comfortable by crafting a marketable offer that served my clients with real value. Jessica was supportive and I loved the structure of the program. It’s been a fantastic experience.”
Aimee Sanchez
Neuropsychologist & Executive Coach

“Working with Jessica has been a real pleasure. I quickly started having conversations with ideal clients who were interested in my services. I’d strongly recommend working with Jessica if you want to grow your network or find new clients.”

Daniel Brooke

Neurodiversity Specialists
“If you’re looking for clarity, support, and to align with other successful, empowering women, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Jessica. She taught me so much about running an online business, coaching, and building an online course. From start-to-finish, she has taught me how to bring my expertise online and how to market myself. It’s been an amazing learning experience!”
Bridjet Morris
Motherhood, Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle Blogger, BRIDJETMORRIS.COM
“Workling with Jessica has been a really incredible experience. With a lot of trainings in the past, I didn’t take action, but Jessica customizes what you need, tells you how to do it, and makes sure you get it done. If you’re thinking about working with Jessica, go for it. I’m advanced in the corporate world but a newbie in the online world and she breaks things down in such a simplified way that I feel like a pro. She’s so knowledgeable, approachable, and smart, and it’ll be an invaluable investment to your business.”
CasEy van Zandt
Business Consultant
“Jessica is such a wealth of knowledge. I can ask her anything from tiny technical questions to big vision questions and she has a great answer every time. She’s helped me create the vision of what I want to do as a coach and grow my following. Whatever stage you’re in with your business, whether you’re just thinking about it or already hitting 6-figures, she has a lot to teach everybody. So, definitely do it. You won’t be sorry!”
Christy Walton
Health & Wellness Coach
“Jess is like a walking book of information. She walks you step-by-step and gives you clarity on anything you’re struggling with. I was really stuck and she made sure I had the tools to be successful. Together, we created an action plan, she walked me through it, and now I know exactly what I need to do. I highly recommend working with her. She goes above and beyond to over-deliver. She adds so much value and gives you actionable steps that actually work.”
Stephy Cruz

Career Coach

“Working with Jess has been really amazing. She’s the first coach I’ve worked with and she walked me through the entire process. When I decided to become an online entrepreneur I didn’t even know what I wanted to do and Jessica gave me clarity. I also love that she’s so personable. Any advice she gives is tailored for my industry, my niche and my personality. It’s never a cookie-cutter answer. My business has really grown in the last year and Jess has been a big part of that. I’ve been able to hit 6-figures in just 8 months and I’m really excited for the future. So, if you want to leave the 9-5 hustle I would definitely recommend working with Jess because she’ll take you through the strategic steps to get there.”
Dr. Tracy Timberlake
Business Coach
“Working with Jessica has been such a great experience for me. I’ve learned so much with my business and the confidence, mindset, and character she has instilled in me has been amazing. My business was non-existent before working with her, and now I have a full website, understand online business, and have so many people interested in my services. I can help so many more people. With Jessica, you’d be in the very best hands. I would definitely recommend her.”
Terri Wade
Business Coach
“Working with Jess has been amazing. She’s so personable. She’s really personal with you and what you’re doing with your life. Her follow-up and client care have been phenomenal too. I have more clarity and Jess has helped me hone in on who I’m supposed to serve, what my goal is, and the outcome I want. When you have someone who’s so good at what she does, and it comes naturally, that’s the best you can have. And Jess is definitely that.”
Kelly Blocher


“I’ve worked with other coaches inthe past, but Jess goes really deep into your struggles, what you need to do, and shows you exactly how to do it. I’m currently transitioning from consulting to the coaching industry and I can’t think of a better person to work with than Jessica Nazarali. I highly recommend you make the investment and make it right now. You NEED to work with Jess.”
Val Feore


“I started from scratch with my business and Jessica put everything together for me, step-by-step. She’s supportive, intelligent, always there for you, and knows what she’s talking about. Jessica has definitely led me in the direction of my dreams. She helped me put it together and now I’m living it! I didn’t have a website or sales funnel, and now I’m launching a 6-week course. That’s why Jessica is the girl to go to. She knows exactly what is best for YOU. She’ll coach you through it, give you clarity, help you create your ideal program, and you’ll be on your way.”
Valerie Luckett
Mindset & Success Coach
“I’d been searching for an online business for a year or two. I took programs but really needed one-on-one coaching. I knew I wanted to be a coach myself, but not the specifics. Now I have clarity and I’m helping women over 50 get back to the dating scene. So, as scary as it is to get clients, especially when you have Imposter’s Syndrome, just do it. The biggest help was having someone to be accountable to. If you’re considering working with Jessica at all, you really need to pull the trigger because it’s well worth the investment.”
Dating Coach For 50+ Women

“I started working with Jessica only 4 months ago and she has dramatically improved our sales pipeline. Since we started the engagement, her team has lined up nearly 70 new sales calls with over half of these turning into qualified opportunities. She knows how to target, get the audience engaged and set the stage for success! I highly recommend her services.”

Cy Smith
CEO of ketteQ