Think It’s Hard To Create Online Courses or Digital Products? Here’s How Easy It Is!

Have you ever seen someone offer an online course or digital product and thought,

“I want to do that! But it must be complicated and expensive and I barely have time as it is. Forget that noise!”

That might’ve been true 5 years ago, but today, creating an online course that helps your ideal consumer AND grows your wealth is easier than you think—  no matter which niche you’re in. 

As someone who does this for leading influencers and entrepreneurs professionally, I’ve seen everything when it comes to online courses. Complicated platforms. Weird software. Broken payment gateways. However, the elearning world has exploded, making the process a piece of cake.

That’s why it’s never been a better time to monetize your expertise with online masterclasses, courses, or digital products. With the elearning industry climbing to over $300 billion by 2025, now’s the time to get your online course up and running. Plus, you’re free to offer your main services/products while impacting people all over the world with your knowledge and experience. That’s growth!

Still not sold? 

Check out these 10 success stories. 

With different business models across multiple industries, I’ll show you how these entrepreneurs and influencers are adding lucrative streams of income to their businesses and growing fast:

1. Three Birds Renovations

This boutique renovation firm based in Australia is killing it with their Reno School online course, which teaches people how to design, renovate and style their dream home. 

Because their business model relies on renovating properties locally, they’ve been able to expand their brand, gain visibility and reach thousands of people with their online course. It’s a massive source of additional income and a clever way to help their audience.

2. Kerri Heiss

An Australian artist and online illustrator who’s worked with luxury brands like Chanel, Kerri Heiss has grown her business substantially by offering online painting and watercolor classes. 

Each online course is an additional stream of income which is great for her bottom line—  but this business model also allows her to help more people experience the joy of painting through her skills and expertise. 

Along with high-end commissions and selling prints of her work, online courses are helping Kerri’s brand grow at warp speed.

 3. Dean Street Society

The brainchild of NYC stylist, Hillary Rushford, Dean Street Society focuses on helping women find joy (and less stress) through fashion and style. 

Over the years, Hillary grew a huge Instagram following which put her on the map. Inundated with questions from her fans, Hillary decided to create her first online course: Style & Styleability which teaches the foundation of fashion. 

Since then, she’s branched out with online courses that focus on growing a successful social media following and her business is booming. 

4. It’s Over Easy

Laura A. Wasser is a divorce attorney based in Los Angeles with a thriving practice and podcast. Wanting to help as many people as possible get through the divorce process with ease, Laura created It’s Over Easy, an online platform to share her skills, knowledge and expertise.

 It’s Over Easy saves people hours of time, money and stress as they navigate one of the most difficult situations in their lives. 

Plus, Laura has identified another much-needed solution for her audience: the difficult transition AFTER divorce. She makes it easy with additional online resources that take people step-by-step through the entire process. 

Laura’s business is a great example to follow if you’re in a traditional career and want to grow/scale online. 

5. Plant Power Meal Planner

Transitioning to a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet is notoriously hard. But Plant Power Meal Planner makes plant-based eating a breeze with a monthly or yearly membership business model. 

Founded by plant-based celebrity, athlete, podcaster and author Rich Roll, Plant Power Meal Planner makes meal customization feel easy and intuitive, even though the product is distributed for the masses.

It’s a prime example of how simple and straightforward this business model can be—  even when the ideal audience has unique needs, pain points and desires.

6. Kayla Itsines

A massive internet celebrity, Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer who has skyrocketed to the top with online courses and digital products. 

Kayla first grew a raving fan base on social media, and mastered the ability to move fans into happy, paying customers. She began with online programs and eventually launched her mobile app. 

However, if you’re thinking that Kayla was already rolling in dough with her giant social media following, you’d be wrong! Sponsorship posts, affiliate marketing and PR only get you so far. 

If you want a business like Kayla’s (who’s now estimated to be worth over $46 million dollars thanks to online revenue streams) I can help you create similar programs to catapult your success! My team and I create and launch these kinds of online offers on your behalf. Pretty easy, right?

Just click here to schedule a no-strings attached call with me to get started.

7. The Path To Profitability

With a background in photography, Jasmine Star created The Path To Profitability which helps creative brand owners standout and grow in 60 days or less.

Although Jasmine started with photography and grew a huge social media following in that niche, her audience of creatives wanted the secrets to her success. 

She decided to offer online courses that revealed her tips, tricks and strategies to stand out as a brand, grow, and become widely profitable. The result? A massively successful online business.

8. Gabby Bernstein 

A hugely popular New Age spiritual guru, New York Times Bestselling author and speaker, Gabby Bernstein has taken the self-help industry by storm with her online courses and digital products.

What makes Gabby so successful? Her ability to make spirituality accessible and consumable to her market: busy millennials. 

Is your market different? Laser in on their lifestyle and offer online courses, masterclasses or digital products that seamlessly fit into it. For example, if you know your ideal audience travels a lot, you can offer audiobooks to pass the time while flying, in the car or on the train.

9. Talking Shrimp

Copywriter extraordinaire Laura Belgray is the funny genius behind Talking Shrimp, a hub for help with copy, sales writing and brand messaging.

At the top of her game, Laura only works with clients she loves. Her daily rate would make most business owners faint! However, she’s been able to help thousands of writers and entrepreneurs nail their messaging with online courses and digital products. 

Like Kerri Heiss, Laura’s business model is great for creatives because it leverages her knowledge, skills and expertise so she reaches the masses.

She also runs her own high-end mastermind and a collaborative program with entrepreneur superstar, Marie Forleo, making their expertise accessible at a lower price point. 

I enjoy creating these types of high-ticket coaching and consulting offers for my clients because they’re a fabulous way to get deeper transformational results for a smaller group of people, allowing you to charge MORE while working less. 

10. Dr. Shafali

A New York-based Parenting Coach and therapist, Dr. Shefali Tsabary is a superstar in the family/self-help space. 

Similar to Laura Belgray, Dr. Shefali’s business is limited by the number of clients/patients she can see in a day. The solution? Online courses to help millions more families around the world!

If your business model mirrors these ladies, online courses are a smart way to impact more people while adding streams of revenue to your bottom line. 

Great! Now How Do I Do It Myself?  

If you’re an expert in your field, and you get amazing results for your customers/clients, you can amplify your sales, authority and impact with online offers. 

Whether your business would benefit most from a monthly membership, digital products or online courses, monetizing your expertise can be done with ease.

How? With me! I help leading influencers, experts and entrepreneurs create the exact type of online offers we’ve just seen in these 10 success stories. 

I help you strategize the most profitable premium online offer, then my marketing team handles EVERYTHING for you. Product Creation. Launch. Authentic marketing. We do it all! 

You get to focus on what you love to do. I get to focus on making you bigger and brighter, leading to…

More fans. 

More engagement.

More streams of income. 

If that sounds good to you, click the button below to schedule a call with me now. We’ll chat about your business, your goals and your lifestyle, and design the perfect offer to bring your vision to life.