The High-Ticket Intensive

1:1 SUPPort FOR COACHEs and Consultants who want to Land High-Ticket clients in weeks.

Start working with your dream clients now

How will working with high-ticket clients change your life?

You will have the freedom to write your book, launch a membership or group program or start a podcast…without the pressure of your passion projects needing to generate big income right away.

Or simply spend more time with your family, focus on your own personal growth and self-care and give back to causes that are important to you.

This is all possible when you start charging high-ticket.

Build Your Dream Business on your terms

You have what it takes to play big— a vision, a hunger for more— more time, flexibility and wealth to do what you love.

You just haven’t figured how to do it yet. Or, you’ve started strong, but feel like you’re working all the time just to break even.

In this one-on-one intensive, we’ll design a customized, step-by-step plan that brings your dream business to life, just by working with premium clients.

Using high-level strategy and deep analysis, I’ll give you the exact process I’ve used to generate MILLIONS in revenue for me and my clients— and tailor it just for you, your market, your goals and life.

Because, when you know what to do, how to do it, and take action, the business and lifestyle you want is no longer a dream— it becomes your reality.



Hi! I’m Jess,
and I’m so thrilled
you’re here.

I’m a business consultant, coach and strategist who’s passionate about helping leading coaches, entrepreneurs and influencers realize their full potential with bespoke high-end coaching and consulting.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve built a multi-million dollar business on my own terms while jet-setting between two different worlds: bustling Sydney and stunning Bali. And I’ve helped many more women reach the same success.

What I do works because my genius captures your genius.

I’ll show you how your expertise and ‘it-factor’ can be transformed into services your target market loves- and will pay top dollar for.

That way, you can expand your business, work with your dream, high-level clients AND live a life you love.


The High-Ticket Intensive is driven by 10+ years of my expertise and a passion to help coaches, entrepreneurs and influencers create their dream business and on their terms.

Let’s break through the obstacles and create the lifestyle you want today.

What is included:


Not sure what your online business should be or what your go to market strategy is? Or, maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your business and can’t figure out why?

I’m here for you! Unlike most online business resources, you won’t get cookie-cutter answers that do nothing to clarify your questions and challenges.

On our 2 hour intensive, we’ll dive deep to analyze which business model, niche, market, and online offers fit YOU best, so you overcome obstacles and build a 7-figure business you adore— without compromising your family or work-life balance.

If you are in the middle of a launch (or have a launch coming up) we will put together a launch plan and you will walk away with knowing exactly what you need to do to hit your goals.


In a 60-minute blueprint presentation, I’ll give you a customized action plan that shows you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why these steps are crucial to building the fabulous business + lifestyle you want.

From clarifying your niche to crafting the right message for your market, you’ll leave with a plan you can implement immediately to build a 7-figure online business with digital products, coaching programs or consulting offers your market will buy. No more wasted time, money, stress or confusion.

“I finally have clarity on my direction moving forward and an offer I’m really excited about it! It’s only been a month and we have already made so much progress. I’m so glad I decided to work with Jessica 1:1 as opposed to taking a group program!”

Andrea Laurie

Personal Branding Strategist

“When I first started I didn’t know where to find clients. Now, I have systems in place to keep everything going. I already have two new clients that are paying $5k/mo for my program!”
-Nagina S


You’ll have one MASSIVE advantage:

A detailed plan-of-attack to enjoy more time, wealth, flexibility and freedom with your business that’s designed for success.

No more unanswered questions. No more confusion or stress.
Just a brilliant, straightforward plan that’s tailored to bring your biggest dreams, goals and vision to life.

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“60k+ of new business!”

“Working with Jess has been incredible. I booked $60k+ in sales with dream clients and hit my first 6 figure year. I’d absolutely recommend Jess to anyone wanting to receive a world-class business coaching experience.”

Carly Taber

”Jessica can help you turn your dreams into reality.”

“Jessica is a fantastic business coach and friend. Till today, if I need sound and sharp advice when it comes to running my 7 figure empire, I turn to her!”
Sami Wunder

" I feel like the sky's the limit which is exciting!”

“The six figure numbers seemed so far out of reach for me…but now Fm earning these numbers. Having access to Jessica’s online marketing brain has been amazing!! To be able to have daily access to Jess to ask a question and get a response within a matter of hours enables you to grow really quickly. Not that long ago the six figure numbers that you hear online seemed so far out of reach for me and impossible. But now I’m earning these numbers. You don’t know what you don’t know – you need to have specialised systems in place to make your business successful. I have 70 members in my group program which is fantastic and I’m only working with a small number of private clients so I’ve been able to raise my rates quickly. I feel like the sky’s the limit which is exciting!”
Annabelle Matson

I tripled my average monthly revenue!”

“Jessica provides me with invaluable expertise and insights on how to continuously improve my sales and marketing efforts. Her recommendations have become an important input for me, as I continuously improve how I market and sell my services. So far, Jessica has helped me triple my average monthly revenue. And, I am confident it will continue to compound as we refine and adjust.”
Melisa Liberman


Discover how to create and launch online products that grow your dream 7-figure business.

Start signing High-ticket clients:

Please note: Individual results vary. We do not offer any guarantees from the results you will get from working together.