Yes! You CAN Have It All: A Successful Business And Your Dream Lifestyle

You have to work yourself to the bone to make 7-figures. I want a life! I don’t want to be a slave to my business, working 50, 60, or 70 hours a week!”

How many times have you heard some version of this— from moms in playgroups, friends, or even influencers on social media saying they’re #blessed (even though it’s obvious they’re not really happy).

The idea that you have to choose between having a successful business OR an incredible lifestyle is everywhere…and millions of people are miserable because they believe it’s true.

It might be holding you back from your best life, too. Do you ever wonder how hard you’d have to work to make 7-figures? Does it make you exhausted just thinking about it?

Well, it’s a myth! And when you shift your mindset, running a successful business and having a fabulous lifestyle is completely do-able. That’s how I ended up living in Bali with my husband and kids, with tons of time to do what I love, while running my dream 7-figure business. Curious about the details? Keep reading.

How To Design Your Life (And Business) On Your Own Terms

I used to believe the same myth. Ten years ago, I lived in Sydney. I was tied to a corporate job after earning my business degree. I had an aura of success and the stability of a steady paycheck, but I wasn’t happy. At all.

I yearned to design my life my way. I wanted passion and purpose and I dreamed of being an entrepreneur who could help others more deeply. So, I launched a passion project as a side-hustle: a health/wellness blog with an online shop. 

I fell head over heels in love with running that business! Within 18 months, it exploded in popularity and reach. It actually grew so big, I was able to break my corporate handcuffs, leave my job and dive into entrepreneurship full-time. 

That leap changed my life. After a while, I started coaching and consulting clients through my health and wellness business.  Then, other health and wellness professionals contacted me to help them grow their following. That’s when I found my wheelhouse, helping influencers and entrepreneurs build the same amazing success and lifestyle I enjoy now.

Since then, I’ve grown a multi-million dollar business WITHOUT the stress, frustration or burnout that normally comes with success. 

But, everything wasn’t peachy. My husband and I wanted more freedom. Flexibility. Fun! So, we made our dream come true: we decided to move and raise our family in beautiful Bali. Something that never would’ve happened if I hadn’t followed this path.

But There’s No Way I Could Do That! 

I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds great for you, Jessica. But my life is different. And complicated. No one’s going to pay me thousands of dollars while I lounge on the beach. I’ve got kids! Laundry! It’s a pipedream.”

Except, it’s not. I work with brilliant entrepreneurs like you everyday, helping them create smart systems that leverage their expertise, time and money so they have more freedom and wealth to do what they love. 

People from all over the world see me when they’re ready to create the dream business AND lifestyle they want. Whether through Zoom, Skype, online courses, coaching or consulting, I generate millions each year— without compromising my health, happiness or the time I want to spend with my family. 

It’s called “having it all” for a reason, and it’s entirely possible for you too! Whether your brand is in fashion, health, fitness, business, food, interior design or something else, you can stop grinding and start thriving by diversifying your income the exact same way. How? Glad you asked! 

Diversify Your Income With Time-Leveraged Offers To Grow To 7-Figures

If you dream of working from wherever you want in the world….

If you want to have a bigger impact on people (without impacting your personal life or family)…

If you want more wealth, time and freedom to do what you love…

It’s time to start diversifying your income with premium online offers! And there’s 2 different ways you can do that:

1 Automated, evergreen online offers:

  • These are online products that you create once and sell over and over again…even for years! Once set up, they can run on auto-pilot. 

All you need to do is send traffic to the product by marketing it to your audience on social media, through your website or with paid advertising. It’s as easy as making a quick Instagram post to your fans!

These include profitable masterclasses, online courses, ebooks and informational products. And unlike sponsored posts, PR or affiliate marketing, these are YOUR products that grow YOUR business. No one else’s. 

Eventually, you can have a suite of products, allowing you to help thousands more people than you ever thought possible— while saving your time, effort and energy.

High-End Coaching Programs or Consulting Offers

  • If you offer services, a premium coaching program and/or consulting gives you multiple benefits. 

You get to work with less clients in a much deeper way, facilitating bigger transformational results. Plus, you can charge higher fees for this deeper work. You’re worth it! 

You get to charge more, work less, AND make a real difference in people’s lives. 

Whichever option you choose, premium online offers also elevate your personal brand, expand your visibility and solidify your authority in your space. It makes you look like the superstar you are.

And when you have a combination of both types of offers? You open the doors to speaking opportunities, media coverage and international applause. It’s pretty great and it’s entirely possible for you, right now!

Stop Waiting. Start Enjoying Your Dream Business And Life!

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My zone of genius is creating and launching the perfect premium online offer for YOU, your business and dream lifestyle— an offer that your audience and ideal clients will absolutely LOVE.

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And create a lifestyle you love— whatever that dream looks like for YOU. 

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