“The 3 Limiting Beliefs that Hinder Women from Charging High Ticket” – The Season Finale

The episode is the season finale of the High Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast! The goal of this season was to inspire you about what is possible when it comes to charging high ticket – I hope the podcast has done just that!

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In this episode of “The High Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast,” I discuss three characters which represent a combination of women I have come across in the last 10 years of running my business. These women represent three limiting beliefs women face when it comes to charging High Ticket.

“[Those] who want to help everyone end up helping no one.” 

When the episode starts, I give a little background information on what gets women stuck in these limiting beliefs. I believe a chief reason is the years of biological conditioning women have faced. It’s the fear and anxiety of being judged to be greedy or thrown out of the clique. Overcoming it becomes easy when you embrace it head-on.

“Money is just energy. If you are not getting enough energy, you will get burnt out.”

Next, I move on to discuss the three characters. First is the “I wanna help everyone, Elsie.” She is a master of all and jack of none. She wants to help everyone regardless of how it affects her financially, emotionally and spiritually.

“At the end of the day, if you don’t believe people will pay that amount, then people won’t pay that amount.”

At best, she fails to create a sustainable business. At worst, she suffers from burnout and questions her purpose and drive in life. She also suffers because clients are looking for experts. And she’s not one.

The second is, “people just won’t pay for that, Patty.” Patty gets so stuck in this mindset loop that she isn’t even willing to explore new opportunities. As a result, she gets stuck in the quagmire of low price.

After all, if you believe people won’t pay for your services, then they won’t. Now, there are several workarounds to help those who can’t pay for a higher ticket. You just need to get your services in front of people who can!

“Having a for-profit company with a component of giving back to the community may motivate you to build a sustainable business”

The third is “I should be grateful, Gertrude.” Even if you are blessed with financial freedom already, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should charge low ticket. I’ve discussed this previously on my podcast, and I can’t emphasize this point enough. When you have more, you can give more back to the community. This way, you can impact more lives.

“There’s nothing wrong with being grateful for what you have, and also acknowledging when you have more you can do more, you can give more, you can have a bigger impact.”

Which one of these limiting beliefs resonate with you? At the end of the day, it’s a decision for you to move past them and embrace the fact that you deserve a successful and sustainable business. Look within yourself, see what you need to change to step up, and start charging the rates that reflect the work you do.

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[00:49] The background

[03:00] The First Character: I wanna help everyone Elsie

[05:54] The Second Character: People just won’t pay for that Patty

[09:14] The Third Character: I should be grateful, Gertrude


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