Yes, it's possible...

Are you ready for true business transformation? Working with me is different from working with other business coaches and marketing professionals - and that’s intentional. Quite simply, it works.

The powerful combination of sales call generation and 1:1 coaching is truly one of a kind.


Sign as many clients as you like without the stress of having to learn new tools and tech - we book your sales calls for you!


IMagine How Your business would changE IF YOU HAD 30-40 CONVERSATIONS WItH PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN WoRKING with you iN THe NeXT 8-12 weeks.

We can help you to do that.

  • We have a done-for-you service which books sales calls for coaches and consultants (and requires NO ad spend).

  • PLUS along with us generating the calls for you we also help you to refine your offer and coach you through how to close the sale.

  • It’s a powerful process and unlike any other service on the market.

WHAT to expect

  • Your own dedicated coach/account manager assigned and overseen by Jessica.

  • Unlimited laser coaching sessions with your dedicated coach as needed.

  • Access to training materials in our membership site to help you convert as many of the sales calls as possible.

  • Done-for-You sales call generation - a minimum of 30 calls in a 12 week period.


If you’re ready to enjoy a steady stream of your ideal clients booking calls with you each month…

The difference
The difference...

Breakthrough results require next-level thinking.

  • Done-for-you approach: Relax! Our team takes care of the marketing for you.

  • One-on-one laser coaching: We know you’ll achieve better results with individual support, so we’ve built that in!

  • We leverage systems: We want your business to thrive now and over time, and our evergreen systems make that possible.

  • Hundreds of success stories & real results: Women just like you have taken their business to the next level using our methods.

  • Nearly a decade of refinement: Our bulletproof system is ahead-of the curve and will stand the test of time.

  • Global success: Thousands of students from 40+ countries prove this system works, regardless of location.