Jessicsa Nazarali is an online business consultant, coach, strategist and the Mindvalley published author of Leading From The Ladder. Globally recognized for her “Business Breakthroughs,” she works with leading coaches, influencers and entrepreneurs, transforming their brands into 7-figure businesses with premium online offers and products.

Although she built her dream 7-figure business from scratch, Jessica first found success in a prestigious corporate career after earning a business degree. However, it left her uninspired. She was driven to serve others more deeply and experience greater fuflfillment.

That decision changed her life. She launched a blog and online shop as a passion project which quickly exploded in popularity and reach. Ignited by a new sense of purpose, she eventually left her corporate career to grow her multi-million dollar business.

Today, she’s living the life of her dreams by transforming the lives of others. Her achievements and personal story have been featured in Marie Claire, Everclear, Huffington Post, Cleo as well as numerous premier business and lifestyle media outlets.

She’s also the star of Breakthrough With Jessica Nazarali, a top billboard podcast where she shares the success secrets of thought leaders, inspiring millions worldwide.

With thousands of students and success stories, Jessica’s bespoke online products, evergreen lead generation systems and transformational programs are changing lives, helping influencers, coaches and entrepreneurs everywhere create more wealth, freedom and impact with a 7-figure business they love.



Jessica Nazarali is available for media commentary, speaking and coaching on topics like:

How To Start And Build A Million Dollar Business Before 30

Anyone can start an online business these days. However, turning it into a multi-million dollar success is an entirely different story.

With get-rich-quick schemes and outdated business/marketing tips everywhere, it takes smart, cutting-edge strategies to build a 7-figure business in today’s highly-competitive online market.

But with the right plan, savvy systems and resourceful action, becoming a ‘Million Dollar Baby’ is totally realistic!

What It Takes To Have A Super Successful Side Biz

If you’re struggling to get your side biz off the ground, it’s time to overhaul the most critical part of any online business: your systems.

Having solid systems in place aren’t just vital to starting a successful side biz, they’re also essential for sustaining it– even if you’re still grinding in a full-time job.

How To Leverage Your Influence To 7-Figures With Online Offers

Most influencers who want to scale to 7-figures are focused on streams of income like sponsored posts, PR, affiliate and/or network marketing.

But this isn’t the best path to a multi-million dollar business. Platforms change. Monetization shrinks. Brands undervalue your audience.

With custom online offers, leading influencers take control and grow their own brand instead. Whether it’s masterclasses, online courses, informational products that run on auto-pilot, or coaching/consulting offers that let you charge a premium with fewer clients, you can turn your personal brand into a multi-million dollar business with online offers your audience loves (and buys)!

Elevating Your Life With The Rising Online World

All over the world, the internet is giving coaches and entrepreneurs a ticket into the millionaire’s club. The only problem? The online world changes at warp speed.

If you’re determined to make your first million online, there are expert tips and hot trends you can’t ignore– or you’ll risk being left behind.

You Can Make Mega Money And Still Make A Difference

Inspired to see change in the world? Growing and scaling your business to 7-figures and beyond gives you MORE opportunities to make a real difference.

But, there’s a proven roadmap to run a successful, world-changing business that helps charities and causes you adore. Discover what they are and how to leverage your success for maximum impact.



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