Why Should You Hire a Coach?

Sometimes, you simply need the assistance of someone with more experience or knowledge. Most of the time, this decision is instinctual. If your dishwasher is broken, you hire a repairman. When you want to learn something new, you take a class. But that decision isn’t always easy to make when it comes to personal goals. Whether you’re looking to make a major life change, or perhaps you just feel a little lost with something specific in regards to your health, creativity energy or business goals, a coach can be just the professional you need.

So, how do you know if you should really hire a coach?

In this article, I’m going to share with you the main reasons people hire a coach, what problems they can help you solve, and how to know if a coach is what you need right now.

What Does a Coach do?

First, let’s talk about what a coach is.

When you think of a coach for a sports team, you probably think of someone whose job is to motivate, inspire and guide the team players. You can think of a life coach, business coach or any other type of personal coach in the same way.

Coaches help inspire, direct and motivate their clients.

Many coaches work in a specific niche like business, nutrition, or mindset. Many coaches specialise in working with certain groups of people like recently divorced women, professionals or business owners.

A coach's goal is always same, no matter what their speciality is.

  • Help clients clarify their goals
  • Motivate, inspire and encourage clients to learn more about themselves and their strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Partner with their clients to discover actionable steps to meet their goals
  • Act as a source of accountability

Why do People Hire Coaches?

Since coaches work with clients in so many different areas of life, the specific reasons why someone might hire a coach is often unique and individual to that person. However, there are a few general situations that seem to inspire a desire and need for a coach.

Of course, it seems simple, but the biggest reason someone hires a coach is because they’ve come across a problem they can’t seem to solve.

For example, someone who has tried various diets, but can’t lose weight might hire a fitness, health or weight loss coach. Someone who has started a business, but isn’t getting new clients might hire a business or marketing coach.

But solving a problem isn’t the only reason people look for the guidance of a coach. Here are some other circumstances that might encourage someone to hire a coach.

  • They're looking for what’s missing - Sometimes in life you know things aren’t right, but you can’t exactly pinpoint what’s wrong. Maybe it’s just life in general, or your career, or even relationships, but you know that something is missing - if only you could figure out what it is. Enter the coach with their keen perception, empathy and compassion to guide you to the right course of action.
  • They want more of something - Oftentimes, you know exactly what’s missing, and it’s more of something - more money, more friends, more clients. Whatever it is, coaches help their clients discover and amplify the strengths that can magnify the outcome of their desires.
  • They need clarity - We all have our own perceptions, misconceptions, doubts, hopes, fears and plenty of emotions and thoughts that can cloud up our vision. Coaches can help you see and define those thoughts, discover how they are shaping your beliefs, and then find clarity.
  • They want accountability - Everyone is more likely to achieve a goal if they are held accountable to someone else. Coaches give people an accountability partner, someone who is always on their side and ready to gently nudge them in the right direction with they misstep.

Should You Hire a Coach?

You have a pretty good idea of what a coach can help you with and some of the reasons people hire one, but now it’s time to really answer the question - is it time for you to hire a coach?

If any of the situations below apply to you, you might want to consider researching a coach who can help you. All of us will be in these situations at some point in time or another, and there are many paths to a solution.

Coaches make it easier to find a resolution, all while empowering you to be the very best version of yourself.

  1. You’re feeling stuck - Whether it's a lifestyle choice, personal problem or business issue, if you feel like you’re in a hole that you can’t get out of, a coach can help you find a way out. The great thing about a coach is, they won’t just throw a rope down and help you climb out, they’ll work with you to figure out how you got in that hole and how you can avoid getting in another.
  2. You’re feeling bored - Life isn’t boring. There are so many opportunities for adventure and discovery, but sometimes the monotony of the day-to-day can make you feel otherwise. In reality, boredom is a sign that tells you something’s not quite fitting into place. A coach can help you figure out exactly where that sign is pointing and what new direction you really want to take.
  3. You’re feeling unsatisfied - Dissatisfaction can be healthy. It’s a feeling that motivates us to keep moving forward and evolving. But when it becomes the overwhelming feeling of your job, your relationship or some aspect of your personal life or business, it might be time to consider hiring a coach to help you discover what you can shift.
  4. You’re feeling afraid - Just like boredom and dissatisfaction, fear is a good thing. These “negative” emotions motivate us to take action - usually. Sometimes we just get stuck in their patterns, and we can’t find a way out. A good coach can help you really see what’s behind the fear and find out what action it’s compelling you to take.
  5. You’re feeling uncertain - When it comes to many decisions, our logic and emotions battle it out and try to find common ground. Do you follow your heart or your head? Big changes like quitting a job or starting a new lifestyle often feel very right, but seem very illogical. Coaches can objectively help you find that perfect middle ground between reason and feeling - a place where decisions come easily and naturally.
  6. You're not meeting your goals - You want to lose weight, start that business, be a better parent or meet whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, but despite your best efforts, it just isn’t happening. This is where a coach comes in, to help you find out what’s holding you back, overcome it, and finally come face to face with your goals.
  7. You need someone on your side - Friends and family are great anchors of support, but sometimes they’re doubtful, negative and critical. They love you, and they want the best for you, but they simply don’t have the training, knowledge or experience to be the person you need to hep you meet your goals. Coaches do!

Whatever problem you’re facing or whatever situation you’re in or maybe want to be in, a coach can help you.

Many times, a coach is exactly the missing piece you’re looking for. They’re the partner, collaborator and motivator that can support you to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Ask anyone who has worked with a good coach, and they’ll tell you their only regret is not hiring them sooner! The truth is, if you’re in a space in your life where you’re asking yourself the question, “Should I hire a coach?” The answer is probably yes!

What do you think? Is it time for you to finally hire a coach?