Self Care Is Not Selfish! Three Self Care Strategies For Entrepreneurs

When I hear the word self care I roll my eyes a little. To me it sounds so cliche and images of bubble baths come to mind... However when you look beyond the cliches, self care is really about taking care of your whole self. Your body and emotional state - and I'm completely on board with that! Every day we are bombarded by messages that suggest that success requires neglecting yourself. While it is absolutely true that success requires a great deal of time and energy and it’s important to prioritize your business, I would like to challenge the prevailing narrative and encourage you to take good care of yourself. I think that taking care of yourself is actually wonderful for your business. Let me tell you a quick story about the importance of self care:

Recently, Faiz went on a business trip and I was solo parenting and running my business for a little while. I had a ton of support and it altogether went rather smoothly, but there was a day during that period where I hit a wall. I woke up that day and it seemed as if I had a million things to do and no time to do them.

I’m committed to thinking positively but I have to admit, I was feeling overwhelmed. Instead of powering through like I used to, I decided to acknowledge how I felt and adjust my schedule to honor that. I chose to do a little self care. I went for a walk and ran some errands with Leo and called a supportive friend . Once I got a handle on how I felt, I was able to get back to my desk and rock my business tasks.

That experience drove home the importance of taking care of yourself for me. If I had attempted to ignore how I felt and power through it, the work that I did wouldn’t have been as high quality as the work I did after I refocused. That is why self care is important. Taking care of yourself is a great way to improve your business.

Here are three self care tips for business owners:

Be Aware of How You Feel

How you feel on a day-to-day basis impacts how you operate in your business, so check in with yourself. I’m not suggesting that you succumb to negativity if you realize you aren’t feeling great, but I am in favor of being honest with yourself and modifying your day in whatever way possible. What act of self love can you make room for?

Can you take 5 minutes to breathe or to do a short meditation? Can you go for a walk? Can you get in touch with a supportive friend? Small self care ideas like these can really aid with stress relief, help you turn your day around and rock your tasks.

Implement Systems

Speaking of tasks, what systems do you have in place in your business? Relieving yourself of the mental labor of having to remember every little detail by creating systems to help you stay organized and focused in your business is an act of self care. Creating systems in your business allows you the freedom to utilize your time more effectively as well.

Re-evaluate Your Schedule

If you are a go-getter, sometimes your schedule can begin to look a little unbalanced. Take a look at your day-to-day schedule and see if you are making room for the moments that are most important to you outside of your business. It’s imperative that you take time for yourself. That may mean different things for different people. Some people need to take care of themselves by taking small breaks throughout the day and some people might need twenty minutes at the end of the day. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, what’s important is that you consider yourself as you schedule your day and prioritize your well being.

Self care is not selfish. Prioritizing your mental health is imperative. It is actually an act of love not only for yourself but for your personal and professional relationships. It is easy to get caught up in other people’s ideas of success and plow through tasks and past your needs, but it’s important to take care of yourself first.

If you need some assistance with implementing these strategies a business coach can be really helpful.

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