IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #67: Dealing with Family Over the Holidays with Jessica Nazarali

It’s the holiday season again, but are you dreading spending time with family? You love your family, but do you wish you had some strategies for dealing with difficult questions, or awkward comments your family may have? I have just the tips for you on this episode of It Girl Radio. The holiday period can be challenging, and visiting family can bring up stuff from your past. My conversation with my friend Eileen Hall gave me some insights into how to navigate these situations with family. I’ve added in some of my own tips as well to help you through these times.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is seeing family and is worried about how to deal with any uncomfortable or challenging situations that may come up. Tune in for five great tips that will come in handy, no matter when you’re going through a difficult time with family!


[:45] Holidays can be a difficult period, especially when it comes to dealing with family. Jessica has some tips to help you through that. [1:56] Tip 1: View seeing your family as an opportunity for growth, rather than an annoyance. [3:47] Tip 2: Get good at changing the conversation when the topic being discussed is uncomfortable to you. [5:45] Tip 3: Pack material that will help you work on yourself — books, training courses, a journal. [6:30] Tip 4: Talk to someone who gets it. [7:34] Tip 5: If someone is really upsetting you, remove yourself from that situation, but try to work with the situation.

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“View seeing your family as an opportunity for growth, versus an annoyance.”

“It’s a great time to spend that time working on yourself, your business, your health, and your relationships.”

“Remember: Pain is only in the present. Reacting isn’t necessarily going to get you the best result that you want.”


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