IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #64: Go Viral on YouTube!

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Erika Vieira, creator of the Beauty and the Vlog Podcast and community. Erika wasn’t always a YouTube whiz, but her strength was definitely sales and marketing. She capitalized on this through her career in real estate, apparel, podcasting, and now as a business strategist for YouTubers and influencers. Today, Erika is dedicated to helping content creators understand and refine their niche and purpose for being influencers. It’s a harsh (YouTube) world out there, and it’s hard to make viral videos, and attract a loyal following! That’s why Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement, and niche discovery.

Erika and I discuss some strategies for boosting the reach of your videos through YouTube SEO. What are the three key things to pay attention to? Erika has the answer! And if you’re still feeling hesitant or vulnerable about jumping on the video bandwagon, never fear! Erika has just the advice to help you overcome that hurdle.

If you want to understand how to go viral on YouTube, and how to create content which is both search engine and consumer friendly, you are going to love this episode. Also, check out Erika’s podcast — I’m sharing tips on her podcast about how influencers can monetize their following, so be sure to tune in!


[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Erika Vieira. [2:20] How did Erika become a YouTuber? What inspired her to start her business? [7:30] Erika first started connecting and interacting with her audience via her Facebook Group. [10:14] Erika has been able to help her clients because she helps them with strategy and growing their business, rather than the actual YouTube experience. [12:01] When did Erika start her mastermind program? [13:26] What are some of the consistent challenges Erika’s clients face? [20:43] How does Erika help people who are uncomfortable with feeling so vulnerable about putting themselves out on YouTube? [26:40] From an SEO perspective, what are some things that can be done to boost the outreach of a YouTube video? [35:40] Erika shares her thoughts on podcasting vs. YouTube, and why she believes that video is the future. [37:56] Get in touch with Erika via her website and social media! She also has a Niche Discovery Guide that you can download for free, so check that out!

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“How fast things change in the influencer world! Even two years ago, I don’t think that word ‘influencer’ was around!”

“The one thing with podcasting is that you don’t really get to interact with the audience.”

“They were just creating content, they weren’t really coming from it from a strategic standpoint.”

“Really understand what you are bringing to the table. And this is where I really help my mastermind a lot.”

“There’s a lot of power in knowing what you have to offer that’s different, and … that’s really valuable.”


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