IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #61: Evergreen Marketing, Funnels, and Launching

On this episode of It Girl Radio, I’m sharing a podcast episode where I was interviewed by Lindsey from the Traffic and Leads Podcast. It has been some time since I have shared about funnels, leads, and Evergreen marketing and this episode is the perfect introduction to what Evergreen marketing is all about. I incorporated Evergreen marketing into my business because I found launching to be really exhausting and stressful. Now, I launch programs once or twice a year but have business coming in consistently. In this interview, I share what my funnels look like, how I structure my business, and the strategies that I’m using so that you can implement them in your own business!

It wasn’t all perfect from the beginning, however, and I did make some mistakes while working through my initial launch. The key is not to get disheartened and give up — by making some tweaks, I was able to draw in more clients, increase my conversion rates, and up my revenue.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the numbers and figures of how much I spend on Facebook ads, the returns on these ads, and my conversion rates on webinars, this episode is for you. Tune in to find out more about all the nuts and bolts that go on behind the scenes of my business!


[:23] This week’s episode is a podcast episode where Jessica was being interviewed by Lindsey on the Traffic and Leads Podcast! [2:01] Lindsey, host of the Traffic and Leads Podcast, introduces Jessica. [5:22] What does Jessica do, and how does she make money? [7:00] Jessica does launches once or twice a year. Does she regularly launch new programs, or do her existing programs open and close at certain times of the year? Jessica explains more. [8:30] What made Jessica decide to make her programs mostly evergreen, with just differences in price points at launches? [10:25] Jessica's first launch was a 6-figure launch. How did she achieve that level of success? [12:32] Jessica had about 2000 people on her email list at the point of her first launch. How did she keep that list fairly warm up to that point? [13:36] Jessica shares more about her blog. She now blogs once a week on her website, and has her own podcast, It Girl Radio! [14:16] Jessica shares an example of a funnel that was working for her, that she tweaked so that it worked even better. [18:15] What webinar software does Jessica use to run all of her Evergreen webinars? [18:46] How long has Jessica been running the Evergreen funnel? [19:45] How much does Jessica spend on Facebook marketing? [20:19] Which funnels are Jessica's sales coming from? [21:29] What are some mistakes that small business owners are making that prevent them from reaching the level of success that Jessica has? [23:10] Jessica shares how you can get access to her webinar; don’t forget to check out her website and social media as well! [24:01] Lindsey summarizes her key takeaways from her interview with Jessica.

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“That was really where [Evergreen marketing] came from, it was just the desire to not have to launch!” — Jessica

“There were a whole bunch of people on my list that couldn't afford to work with me 1-on-1, but wanted to work with me.” — Jessica

“There are a lot of steps in the process and you have to be OK with making mistakes and just work on constantly improving.” — Jessica

“We integrated [SMS marketing] to get people on the webinar as well, so it helped with show-up rates.” — Jessica

“I think you need to be okay with making mistakes, honestly.” — Jessica

“The biggest mistake I see is they get too disheartened, too quickly.” — Jessica


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