IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #51: Video is the Future

Katya started out by talking about topics she was interested in and cared about. Today, Katya helps turn experts into celebrities by helping them to grow huge online tribes though leveraging live streaming and video marketing. Her company, Peri10k, was founded on the idea of building a community of fellow live streamers, but when she saw how successful it became, Katya took it to the next level by charging a membership fee. Katya and I discuss how she has managed to build such a successful business based on the membership model — the trick is to base your business on something other than pure content. The future is also going to be more focused on video and live streaming than ever before, so Katya also shares her tips for overcoming any qualms you may have about videos or live streaming. Whether you’re afraid, or you think you don’t have any content, Katya’s strategies will definitely be of use.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for tips on creating great content, or has been resisting live streaming. Video is the future, so be sure to tune in to this episode with Live Stream Katya to get on board!

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[:21] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Katya Varbanova. [2:00] How did Katya’s business come about? [8:55] The fun part about the journey is not knowing where you could end up, when you first start out! [9:07] Katya believes that women are more likely to follow their intuition without wondering too much about the "why" — this is a good thing! [10:05] How many members doe Katya have today? She shares a little about how her membership plans have evolved over time. [11:39] How much involvement does Katya have in the membership site? What are people paying for when they buy a membership? [17:27] The live-streaming platform has really taken off. Where does Katya see the direction of live-streaming going? [21:30] Video is the future, and everyone needs to get on board with it. [22:31] Katya has recommendations for people who are scared, or worried about judgement. [27:13] Katya shares her tips for people who think they don’t have any content — her signature formula will help you create highly relevant, lively content for a whole year, in just three hours! [32:23] If you don’t have a plan or structure, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Breaking things down to their different parts helps give focus, and takes a lot of the hassle out of it. [34:06] What does Katya do for fun? [37:05] Who does Katya admire? [41:10] Katya leaves us with some final word of advice: Instead of competing, we should be collaborating.



“You get instant feedback and you … feel so loved and listened to! It's pretty addictive!”

“Those people on Periscope were almost like selling to the viewers, and the viewers didn’t realize it!”

“I started by just literally, getting live, and just talking about stuff I cared about.”

“Create a membership model where if you left ... they can still do what they do, that’s a great model.”

“It’s become very community-based, and not content-based.”

“Find a way to create a membership site that does not depend on content.”

“I want you to just fall in love with the process of getting used to the hate.”

“The less things you have on your plate, the easier and the more guaranteed it is that you'll actually do it.”


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