IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #49: The Business of Love

Today, Sarika is happily married to her soulmate, living in New York City. Her passion is helping smart, professional, go-getter women find true love, and cultivate a powerful and blissful experience in every part of their life. As a love and relationship coach, Sarika focuses on teaching women to love themselves, release their blocks, and date in a way that attracts a healthy, lasting life-partnership. Sarika offers one-one-one coaching, as well as group programs, and she recently launched a six-week online course titled “Attract Your Soulmate.” Sarika talks about how many of the women she coaches don’t feel worthy of love, and this is often translated into their businesses as well. Overcoming this block is essential to finding love, and growing a successful business. Sarika also shares some insights into running a successful business selling something intangible, and the marketing tips that have helped her on her entrepreneurial journey.

This episode is perfect for you if you find yourself struggling to find love, or if you’re interested in starting a business selling an intangible, or service-based product. Sarika’s tips and strategies will definitely come in handy!


[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sarika Jain. [1:25] How did Sarika end up starting her current business? [6:32] What does Sarika’s business look like today? [7:38] Many people believe that it’s hard to make money if you’re selling something that isn’t as tangible, or that can’t be associated with a monetary value. How does Sarika market something as intangible as self-love, and relationship coaching? [9:26] Businesses aren’t built around tangible or intangible things — they’re built around solving a pain people are feeling. [11:04] We can try to quantify how much a coaching program is worth to the client, but it’s really up to the client to let you know how much the program is worth to them. [12:42] What marketing techniques have worked for Sarika to connect with her ideal clients? [15:20] Doing workshops and events helped Sarika build up her online system, and really understand what kind of clients she was targeting. [16:10] What was it like for Sarika, making the transition from the corporate world to starting her own business? [19:32] What advice does Sarika have for someone looking to start their own coaching or service-based business? [21:59] Are there any similarities among women entrepreneurs who are struggling to find love, that comes across in their businesses as well? [24:12] Sarika has learnt a lot from Jessica about taking her business online, and now is a great example for others looking to follow a similar trajectory. [25:35] Who does Sarika admire? [27:00] What is Sarika’s favorite holiday destination? [27:20] What does Sarika do for fun? [27:48] What is Sarika’s favorite blog or app? [28:31] What does being an It Girl mean to Sarika? [29:37] Check out Sarika’s website for relationship quizzes, upcoming events, and interesting articles about love!

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“I didn't realize that I still didn’t know anything about intimacy, and love, unconditional love.”

“I realized that I didn’t feel worthy of love.”

“My value proposition is improve all your relationships.”

“Start seeing the magic that starts flowing in your life because your relationships are thriving.”

“I really want women to feel fulfilled in what matters to them the most.”

“It does require a really healthy mindset for entrepreneurship.”


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