It Girl Radio Episode #35: Jessica Nazarali - Is This Holding You Back from Being an Extraordinary Coach?

This is a solo episode where I'm going to be diving into the topic of fears and blocks, and how they can really prevent you from being the best coach and business owner you can be. Over the years I have found that if you don't address these areas, it really doesn't matter what business strategy you have in place, how great your marketing is, or how clear you are when it comes to your ideal client - if you have these fears and blocks holding you back, you will stay stuck.

At the moment I'm in the launch mode of Coaching Mastery Certification. It will be a different take on coaching where we cover different ways you can work with clients - teaching, mentoring, consulting and coaching, as in my experience the traditional Q&A of consulting doesn't always get the best results.

We also go into how to work with clients confidently, what to do if a client cries on the phone or is angry, or what to do if a client isn't taking responsibility for their own results. We go into course creation, and I have a guest facilitator on the program who's an expert in creating curriculum. She's brilliant at facilitating learning and helping adults to learn best by having a clear strategy and content plan when it comes to creating courses and working with clients.

Why is it important that you overcome any blocks or fears that could hold you back from being a great coach? You might have the best website, best photography, best social media - but if you have limiting beliefs or fears, they will hold you back from stepping into what you want and creating success.

You can have an amazing website, you can be sending out emails which are perfectly written, but if you don't feel good enough be a coach, if you don't feel good enough to work with clients, and you're not owning your value, it's going to be very difficult to become successful.

it girl radio

it girl radio

 Here's a sneak peek into some of the tips I discuss in this episode:

“How can you fully step into claiming the fact that you are good enough and you have what it takes.”

“We all need to take personal responsibility for our own success.”

“What is the worst case scenario when you imagine being judged?”

“Are you willing to put your life on hold and not chase your dreams?”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Sometimes even the best business strategy won't work for you
  • How writing down every piece of experience, education and qualifications empowers you
  • The importance of additional training and support
  • Why perfection can stop your success

Show Notes

Coaching Fears PDF

Coaching Mastery Certification

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it girl radio


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