It Girl Radio Episode #32: Bri Seeley & Thais Sky - Creating Fun, Fabulous (+ Friendly) Business Partnerships

This week I've been super busy working on our new program, Coaching Mastery Certification, which I'm super excited to be releasing very shortly! Coaching Mastery is a coaching certification program, but it doesn't just cover coaching skills; it covers how to consult, teach and work with your clients using my mentorship method, so you feel confident working with clients and can help them to achieve the best results possible. Go to to get on the waitlist and find out more. On It Girl Radio this week, I'm interviewing Bri Seeley and Thais Sky from The Amplified Collective.

Bri and Thais support women rising up into leadership, and love supporting people who are changing the world. They started The Amplified Collective, an “un-networking” movement, to connect women without the pressure of networking.

A former fashion designer, Bri started exploring options for a career change after realising she wasn't having fun anymore. The universe tapped her on the shoulder, and her entrepreneurial journey redirected into coaching.

Thais was studying in college and destined to go to law school but had a “dark moment of the soul” moment. I love that! Focusing on her internal work and following a holistic health path, it took 4 years for her to work out her soul purpose to become a coach.

Their famous Be Amplified dinner parties started completely by accident, and are now sold out each month. They created a membership for Be Amplified following the success of their mixers, dinner parties, and Q&A calls. Now more than 60 women are part of their collective events every month!

Bri and Thais' energy and enthusiasm for their business is infectious. Uber-committed and passionate about manifesting success for their business after hitting rock bottom, we also discuss the not so glamorous bits of being an entrepreneur.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the nuggets of gold we discuss in this episode:

“If you're serious about going into partnership with someone, take it slow and have clear communication.”

“Our friendship always comes first.”

“ My worthiness in myself deepens when I express my truth...”

“We are both constantly teaching each other, all of the time.”

“Don't be afraid to fail. If you have something to learn, don't shame yourself for “failing” to do it wrong.”

“You have to go through the suffering in order to develop the compassion and the resiliency that is required in order to show up in the beautifully and brilliantly in the entrepreneur space.”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • How hitting rock bottom can be one of the best things to happen to you on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • How to stay in alignment with your business partner and be compassionate with one another.
  • Being an entrepreneur has no boundaries when it comes to working hours
  • The importance of support from your business partner and people in your life
  • How communicating and expressing your truth deepens your worthiness
  • Realising your need to close a business does not mean you're a failure
  • Screw Plan B's - why you need to be all in and fully committed to your business
  • Why manifesting success is important at all levels of success
  • How the journey of becoming an entrepreneur shapes you for life
  • And I'm sharing more info about my new course, Coaching Mastery Certification!

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Coaching Mastery Certification

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Amplify Collective

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