It Girl Radio Episode #30: Ezzie Spencer - Lunar Magic: The Secret to Becoming an Abundance Magnet

Have you ever felt like you were born to do something but it was so unconventional that you were afraid to “go public” with it? That's exactly where author, speaker, and coach, Ezzie Spencer found herself when she decided to take an offbeat approach to creating success and abundance....

She started working with moon cycles!

Yes, it sounds kind of “out there” but it's not as woo-woo as you might think :)

Ezzie now uses her incredible gift to work with women so they can align their skills with their passions and experience transformational changes.

This episode of It Girl is perfect if you have been looking for a strategy or technique to help you become more productive, have more energy, be in alignment with your true values and goals and enjoy more success and abundance in your life.

Here's a sneak peek at some of Ezzie's personal insights in this episode:

“It's not just about thinking about what it is that you want to create in your life. You need to take action to then go ahead and actually make it real.”

“It is more about taking charge of your own life and finding the places where you have the power to make choices to create a better life for yourself.”

“It's just so fantastic when your skills and your passion align.”

“You don't just hustle all the time and burn out. You need to sometimes make sure that you're carving out that space for self-care so that you can keep going.”

“Entrepreneurs are really well placed to start to work with the moon cycles or integrate the moon cycles into their lives and into their work.”

Tune into this episode and you'll hear all about:

  • Lunar phases and how you can use them to cultivate abundance in all aspects of your life
  • How you can align your strengths with your passions to help you focus on your purpose in life
  • The power of moon cycles and how you can use them to create a better life for yourself, and your loved ones
  • Why moon cycles are especially beneficial to entrepreneurs and how these cycles can be used to create a highly productive schedule and workload
  • How starting a lunar journal and tying it to lunar cycles can help you tune into yourself and reconnect with who you truly are
  • Why it's ultra important to tap into what you're feeling and needing at any given moment so you can have access to consistent creativity and energy

Show Notes

Lunar Abundance - Free Lunar Planner + Meditation Resources

An Abundant Life by Ezzie Spencer

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