It Girl Radio Episode #27: Angel Coleman - Expert Tips to Rock Your Online Presentations

This week on It Girl Radio, you'll discover the power of creating online presentations that will engage and inspire your ideal clients. It was a special treat to connect and chat with my client, the lovely Angel Coleman, for this week's podcast episode.

Angel is an expert at showing entrepreneurs how to master the art of powerful online presentations so their products and services pretty much sell themselves!

A woman of many talents, Angel is a former beauty pageant queen, model, actress, and business coach. She is also the creator of the popular Confidently Brilliant™ Academy.

This episode of It Girl Radio is perfect for you if you'd love to know tips and techniques that will give you the kind of confidence you've secretly envied in other entrepreneurs - the ones who rock their webinars and live streams without missing a beat :)

Here's a sneak peek at some of the ideas and insights you'll hear from Angel when you listen in:

“The best way to let people know what your company is about, what you have to offer, and how you can help them, is through presentations.”

“People want to know the people behind the brand.”

“You're here to help them. They're on your live streams or webinars because they want your help.”

“You have to do the right things, in the right order, consistently to achieve success.”

“By pursuing so many different things, I learned to pursue my passion.”

“Something in my spirit told me there was more to me.”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll catch:

  • Expert tips and advice if you're nervous about speaking in front of others
  • The #1 thing you should do as part of your preparation (this is something you're probably forgetting!)
  • Angel's fun (and even spiritual) insights you can use to prepare for your next presentation
  • How to tap into your “divine download” and use your instincts to act on your passions
  • Angel's first fun venture into entrepreneurship (and how it almost got her into trouble!)
  • How life as a beauty pageant contestant prepared Angel to speak in front of an audience with confidence
  • Why she is so passionate about helping others find their confidence to promote their business with a live audience

Show Notes

Angel Coleman

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Thanks so much for listening :-)