IT Girl Radio Episode #11: Niyc Pidgeon - Landing a Life-Changing Book Deal

On this week's episode of It Girl Radio, I get to share my conversation with Positive Psychologist, Success Coach, and author of the upcoming book Now Is Your Chance, Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc and I actually met in Los Angeles at one of my It Girl Business Mastery Events, where we discovered we had a few friends in common (got to love how the online world is so small!)

During our recent chat, Niyc and I talked about getting your very first book deal, what it means when you move across borders, and that while writing a book is an exciting journey, it is not the end goal.

it girl radio

it girl radio


 Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • All of the ins and outs of getting published and how it goes way beyond simply writing your book.
  • The importance of building your platform so you can have a community in place who can't wait to read all of your amazing work!
  • Avoiding overwhelm by focusing on doing less so you can do more, and allowing as much room as possible to express your creativity.
  • Being yourself & how to stop caring what others think about you, so you can put yourself out there, own who you are, and be authentic!

By listening to this week's podcast with Niyc Pidgeon, you'll also learn more about her soon-to-be-published book, Now Is Your Chance, a 30-day guide to living your happiest life with the powerful combination of positive psychology teamed up with spirituality.

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Niyc Pidgeon

it girl radio

it girl radio





Thanks so much for listening :-)

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