Choose Your Niche & Target Market To Position Yourself As An It Girl In Your Industry

  Are you struggle with finding your niche and target market? If you are, I know how you feel, and I’ve been there! Many coaches and business owners struggle with figuring out who they are meant to serve and wonder why they can’t serve everyone. I mean you’re talented, compassionate, and want to make a difference in the world right? Why not try and attract as many people as possible?!

Here’s the deal: when you try and target everyone, you end up targeting no one.

Read that sentence again.

Why is that?

Because your message and branding needs to be unique and not generic. To stand out from the crowd and become the next successful coach or business owner plus create premium packages that sell, your coaching, branding, copywriting, and everything else needs to speak to the heart of the person you are best meant to serve.

Will you also work with people outside of your chosen niche? Quite possibly! Will you limit yourself by not choosing a specific niche or target market? Nope. You’ll develop a stellar message and brand that will touch the lives of thousands of people, both clients and followers. 

In today’s post, we’re going to be discussing how to choose just the right niche and target market for your business!

Who is your Ideal Client?

Whenever you’re creating a new coaching package, course, blog post, or website copy, you’re going to want to have your Ideal Client in mind. This is a person who you either imagine or know personally and feel is the perfect client to work with you.

As a coach, you want to focus your services on helping your Ideal Client overcome a problem.

By doing this, you not only really help your clients, you also attract people who are struggling with a problem you can help them solve. This helps you become an It Girl coach in your area of expertise!

So who really IS your ideal client? A great way to find out is to think about who you truly want to work with and who you feel you can help the most with your services.  Narrow it down.  Get really specific and it will help you in the long run.  

After you have pinpointed the qualities of your ideal client, coach a client (who fulfils some of your ideal client qualities) for free.

This will help you gain a better understanding on if this person is an ideal client and it’s a great way to learn more about your ideal clients on the whole.  You don’t really know until you work with a client if they really are an ideal client and fall into your target market - which we will explore further below.

Avoiding Problem Clients.

Because you narrow down your target market and create an Ideal Client avatar, you’re not as likely to attract or work with ‘problem clients’. Believe me, this is a huge relief! It may feel strange to turn away people, but trust me when I say that those who don’t meet your Ideal Client checklist can be a drain on your time and energy.

And by having your copy and brand focus on attracting a specific type of person, you are less likely to attract problem-clients anyway. It’s win-win. Additionally, by focusing on one area of expertise and target market ( at least in the beginning of your coaching business) you’re going to become an It Girl coach faster by attracting more publicity and media attention.

The media wants to connect with experts on specific topics.  Become known for one thing and help people solve specific problems. If you aren’t exactly sure what problems you should solve with your coaching, take a look at what problems surround you.

If you’re a Health Coach, have you noticed people complaining about a particular ailment? Are their coaches helping them solve that particular issue?

Your Values.

When thinking about choosing a niche that’s right for your business, think about your values and those of the people you are excited to work with.

I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and therefore attract clients who also enjoy wellness. I value spending time with my husband (who is my business partner), and many of my clients can relate to the relationship we have and how important he is to me.

Perhaps you are a Mum and value spending as much time as possible with your children, which is one of the reasons you chose to become a coach. Is your Ideal Client similar? Think about how you can connect with them through shared values.

Share your values through your emails, social media posts, Pinterest boards & live streams.  Put yourself (and what you believe) out there.  There’s no better way than using today’s social media tools to show your ideal client who you are and what you stand for.

Your Passions.

What makes you feel alive? What brings you joy? Consider choosing a niche that shares in your passions.

Being location independent is an integral part of my lifestyle, as well as my business. I infuse my brand with the message that travel is possible for every woman that desires to explore the world.

Make a list of your passions and desires, particularly the ones you’ve accomplished or are fulfilling on a regular basis. Ask yourself: do I want to work with people who have the same passions? The chances are the answer will be yes!

And just like sharing your values, voicing your passion is equally important.  Showing the aspects of life and business that you are passionate about helps your ideal client know more about you and how you attack your work.

Your ideal client will warm to your shared passions and be more inclined to reach out to you.  It’s like breaking the ice, but through the internet, and it makes having an initial conversation or discovery call so much easier.

Find A Want - Not a Need.

“See a need, fill a need” was a popular quote from that 20th Century Fox animated movie, Robots starring a young Ewan McGregor.  The young robot was enamoured with these words uttered by the Owner/CEO of the capital city’s invention company.  

But in our business, it’s more important to go where you are wanted, and not exactly needed.  For example, do you know someone that needs to lose weight - and it’s not just that extra 5 for swimsuit season.  

They know the health benefits, but they just don’t have the want. Exactly.  Its going to be very hard to support them and encourage them when they don’t have the want.  So many coaches go where there is a huge need, but not the want.  

They then spend their whole time explaining, educating and convincing people why their services are needed.  It should be the other way around.  Find the want and people will come to you.

Target Market Research.

Doing market research is an important part of creating your business and offerings, and one way to do this is to be an active listener on Social Media. If you’re a Life Coach uncertain as to what your focus should be and what your niche is, consider taking a look at Facebook groups you are a member of and seeing if there are any repeat questions, concerns, or issues.

Set up target market interviews and discover more about your potential target market and if they are interested in the services you are offering. In It Girl Business Mastery we go into this in a lot of depth to help you facilitate this process so you come out the other end with a very clear target market who is excited to buy your packages and programs.

Work with a Client for Free/Introductory Rate.

We covered this earlier so don’t forget, it’s very important to test it out your services and see if you actually enjoy working with Mum’s, corporate women, or whoever you choose.  If you aren’t excited about it, don’t fret, just change it up and know that you’ve crossed a niche off your list.  You’re narrowing it down even more!  Change is good!

Your Target Market isn’t Set in Stone.

My niche and target market has changed overtime. Don’t be afraid to evolve.

I went from health coaching corporate women, to blog coaching aspiring bloggers, to helping women create businesses so they can quit their job, become a It Girl and lead a life they are truly excited about.

The key is to start with a niche and target market and through experience, you will find your people and get more and more clear on who you can help the most.

With love,

Jessica xx