IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #76: Instagram, Demystified!

We’re all on Instagram but are you making the most of it for your business? How can you leverage this unique platform to build influence and online awareness? Rest easy, because Virginia Salas Kastilio is on It Girl Radio to share her tips. Virginia started on YouTube about 10 years ago, and since then has built up her reputation, sphere of influence, and business. As the founder of Gini.TV, a disruptive media firm that helps businesses build influence and online awareness, she has been hired by major corporations around the world. Today, she deconstructs what Instagram is all about.

As one of the most popular and widely-used social media platform, every business wants to understand the intricacies of Instagram. Which hashtags should you use? How can you capture followers organically? What content should you post? How can you go viral? Is it even possible to get the elusive blue tick? Virginia breaks it down for us with some key pointers.

Another hot topic everyone is talking about is cryptocurrency. Besides her work in social media, Virginia is also the Chief Marketing Officer of Socrates Coin, a groundbreaking new entrant in the cryptocurrency space. Virginia and I discuss her new project and the opportunities in this industry.

This is an episode jam-packed with loads of great nuggets of wisdom on Instagram, cryptocurrencies, and the challenges of being a business owner. So grab a notebook and a pen, or better yet — open your Instagram account, and start making some changes that will benefit your business!


[:23] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Virginia Salas Kastilio. [1:50] How can you get the elusive blue tick on Instagram? [4:04] What made Virginia interested in social media? [5:30] Virginia started on YouTube 10 years ago. What platforms did she transition to after that and how did she make that transition? [7:35] What platforms does Virginia recommend for coaches and small business owners? [10:43] What does it mean to be “mainstream famous”? [13:05] How do you grow your Instagram account? Virginia demystifies the platform for us, starting with the profile and bio. [18:20] Another aspect to think about is the color palette of your profile vs. just posting images that work. [20:10] Virginia has some advice about personal content on your page. [23:13] Hashtags are a crucial part of achieving success on Instagram. What is the hashtag formula? [27:55] How can you use viral content to boost your profile? [29:24] What kind of followers is Virginia targeting? How would she attract followers from a specific target audience? [32:29] How many comments or likes should you be aiming for to build up your following on Instagram? [35:11] What was it like for Virginia to make the switch from creating her own content to running an agency and having a team? [40:15] Virginia is working on launching a new cryptocurrency. What is her project about and how did that opportunity come about? [45:44] Virginia and Jessica discuss how our devices have become extensions of ourselves and the difficulties of marketing a cryptocurrency. [48:09] Virginia cautions against jumping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon before doing thorough research and due diligence. [49:46] Find out more about Socrates Coin at the website and on social media! [50:20] Don’t forget to follow Virginia on her platforms, as well! [51:50] Send Virginia a message on LinkedIn to look at your Instagram profile for some personalized feedback!

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“My love for social came from switching from that platform of having everything in books to having everything on social pages.”

“It is important to be on these different platforms because every platform has a different audience, every platform has a different language and messaging.”

“Instagram is a little bit of your street cred.”

“If your own personal content isn’t good, using the viral images won’t really do much.”

“You want to be working in the 50,000, 20,000, 100,000 categories [of hashtags].”

“It’s hard to replicate yourself.”

“I think that a lot of entrepreneurs when they start their businesses then try to scale, as they’re so used to doing everything ... it’s difficult [to let go].”


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