Can You Be an Introvert and Still Promote Your Business Successfully?

promote your businessWhen you think of all you need to do to build and grow a successful business, it can be nothing short of overwhelming! One aspect of this that can be particularly challenging is promotion. There's no getting around the fact that you must promote your business in some way. But for those who are introverted, it can be downright intimidating.

If someone is super introverted, what can happen is that they're so concerned about the publicity that the business doesn't get promoted. And then the business stands still.

The good news is that this is totally unnecessary!

Given the variety of platforms and techniques we have available to us, there are many ways to promote a business successfully. And you don't need to be a total extrovert to tap into all of them. A lot of people (including me when I first started!) have the perception that you need a big personality or that it's necessary to put yourself “out there” in order to promote your business. Personally, I thought that I had to be loud, over the top, and share everything about myself.

Not true!

The reality is that it's not about having a big personality. The truth is that it's really about being yourself and being authentic. Here I'm going to cover some top strategies you can use to put yourself out there without it being a scary process.

Start with your existing network

Not only is it overwhelming to promote your business, it can also be a daunting task just to bring in clients! A lot of people get roped into the idea that without clients, they won't make any money.

While yes, you will likely need to bring in some clients down the road, you can still make money by simply having a site. When done correctly, your site can easily promote your business with targeted and relevant content that attracts your audience. promote your business

The same goes for having a blog. In addition to your posts, you can run ads and search for affiliate opportunities to bring in some funds without needing to be front and center. Your site will also help you to build your list and gain a following that you can use to your advantage and eventually turn those followers into clients.

You can also utilize the people you follow yourself and that you admire. You can reach out to them and ask if they are interested in working with you or if they know someone who does. It's important to remember that if they can't help you now, by reaching out to them, you can gain some attention, which can work in your favor if they need help in the future.

Even if they tell you “no” or “not right now,” you're still no worse off than you were before. Reaching out to people like this can help you to gain confidence and make it easier to contact people as you seek to promote your business.

Expand outside of your network

If you're just starting your business, you may find it difficult to find a lot of people within your network. It's then necessary for you to go past the people you know or are familiar with to get help with promoting your business.

You can join a mastermind group that has like-minded people as members who can offer their assistance. Doing so gets you in front of others but in a small group so it's easy to reach out on a 1:1 basis. You also may find that you have more in common with others in the group and as you can potentially partner up with them as your business grows.

If you have 1 or 2 friends in your industry or niche, enlist their help in reaching out to their own network. You may even be able to do a joint venture with them that benefits both of you. A friend can help you overcome nervousness since you already know them and you can be yourself without having to be an extrovert. This can help provide your business with a tremendous amount of momentum without having to go over the top.

And if you want to take things a step further, you can always enlist a coach to help you uncover anything that may be blocking you from reaching out. A coach can also help you consider other ways that you can promote your business without you having to break out in a cold sweat!

Authenticity always wins over attention-grabbing methods

You may make some bold statements or have over-the-top promotions to help you boost your business, but your target audience is really looking for authenticity. In order for them to become a paying customer, they need to know that they can trust you or they'll go elsewhere.

If you're an introvert or you just don't like putting yourself out there, find ways to remind yourself why you're doing this. Why did you start your business? Is this really what you want?

By determining the “why” behind what you're doing, you will have a compelling reason to drive you towards your goals. Even on your most challenging days, your “why” will help you to overcome the hurdles and keep you going. On the downside, if you don't have a “why” or you forget why you're on this path, it can make it too easy for you to give up and not live your dreams.

Take some time to answer the questions I posed above and find your “why.” That way you have a purpose behind what you're doing so you can promote your business successfully and make even the days that you stumble worthwhile.

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