It Girl Radio Episode #9: Natalie MacNeil- From Blogger to Multi-Millionaire

In today’s episode of It Girl Radio, I am super excited to share my interview with Emmy-award winning media entrepreneur and Founder of The Conquer Club, Natalie MacNeil. I was originally introduced to Natalie through mutual friends. Even though we didn't get a chance to meet right away, I'm so glad that I was able to meet up with her at her beautiful home in Los Angeles so I could interview her for this week's episode.

Natalie MacNeil podcast image

During our chat, Natalie and I discussed her strategies behind gradually building upon her success to become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Tune in and listen about:

  • Ignoring the outside voices of people telling you to “get a real job” and truly listen to your inner voice to follow the path that resonates with what's important to you
  • Taking time to figure out how to take advantage of free blocks of time throughout your day to start building the business you want so you can have money flowing in before you leave your 9 to 5
  • The “overnight success” myth and why it's important to realize that it takes time and effort to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Going out of your comfort zone and increasing your learning curve to enhance your success and give yourself the opportunity to mentor and guide others in their own path

By listening to this week's podcast, you’ll also learn about Natalie's new book, Conquer Your Year, coming out in November. This book expands on the concept started with The Conquer Club, and it can help you stay accountable to your goals, show you how to implement them, and structure and automate your systems so you can stay on track.

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