It Girl Radio Episode #8: Denise Duffield-Thomas- Getting Rich and Being a Lucky Bitch

In today’s episode of It Girl Radio, I am so happy to share my interview with Money Mindset Mentor, Author, and Business Enthusiast, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise was actually my very first coach and I hired her when I was a blogger looking to transition into a business owner.

She loves to talk about business and how if she can start out as a kid selling bracelets in her neighborhood to creating a multiple million dollar business over the last few years - you can do it too!

Denise Duffield-Thomas

During our interview, Denise discusses the strategies behind moving past your money blocks to get rich and build a business based on your unique calling.

Listen in and uncover strategies you can use to:

  • Get over yourself and get the help you need by outsourcing and creating jobs for others while you build your 6-figure business faster
  • Give yourself the permission and the space to step into your role as a CEO and focus on what the universe is calling you to do
  • Tackle your money blocks and combat procrastination so you can create products designed to help others make their own transformations

By listening to the podcast, you’ll also learn how you can access Denise's special resource launching this month so you can have the support you need to build momentum in the final months of the year and start 2017 with a fresh slate.

PLUS as a very special gift Denise is giving all women in the It Girl Community a copy of her audio book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

Get your very own copy here. 

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