It Girl Radio Episode #24: Jennifer Jayde - Discovery Sessions That Convert

Many entrepreneurs I know have an interesting love-hate relationship with Discovery Sessions. When you think about it, this isn't really surprising. Discovery Sessions are great because they provide useful information about a prospective client but they can also be nerve-racking ...and overwhelming!

If you're serious about building a successful business (and I know that you are!), then learning how to run, effective Discovery Sessions should be at the top of the list called, “Business Skills I Need to Master” :)

Well, guess what? You're going to learn how to hold effective, efficient Discovery Sessions this week because I have the amazing Jennifer Jayde on It Girl Radio!

Jennifer is a Business Success Coach and she's going to share the secrets behind stress-free, strategic Discovery Sessions that will give you the exact information you need about a prospective client.

Jennifer and I met during a business event that we both attended a while back and during a recent trip to San Diego, we caught up over coffee. I found out that Jennifer was able to meet and exceed her income goals (and make more money than she ever had before) in just a few short months after starting out as a coach. She credits a lot of that success to her ability to run great Discovery Sessions.

In this week's episode, Jennifer reveals a powerful, personal strategy that quickly converts simple Discovery Sessions into paying clients.

Get ready to take lots of notes as we chat about:

  • The tools you can use to streamline your Discovery Sessions so you can relax, focus and easily “wow” your prospective clients
  • Must-ask questions that will instantly shine a light on your prospects - where they are in their lives and exactly how you can help them as a coach
  • Jennifer's 3-step strategy that will inspire and persuade clients to get off that fence and hire you!

You'll also hear Jennifer and I talk about why it's a good thing when someone doesn't become a client!

If you don't like Discovery Sessions or if you have a love-hate relationship going on, this week's episode will turn you into a believer :)

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Thanks so much for listening! :-)

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