It Girl Radio Episode #22: Neeta Bhushan - Turning Tragedy Into Transformation

As wonderful as life can be, it can often present us with personal tragedies that can overwhelm us on every level. If you're facing a challenging or difficult situation and are struggling to build emotional strength to overcome it, then this week's It Girl Radio episode is the one you need to listen to.

This week, I met up with Dr. Neeta Bhushan during a recent trip to Mexico. Neeta is an international speaker, founder of the Global GRIT Institute, and author of the Amazon best-seller, Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts & change your world.

Neeta's story is one that is shockingly filled with many personal tragedies. It was her experience with loss that led her to transform her life into one that works towards a heart-centered, humanistic society based on empathy and emotional resistance. It's a story you won't want to miss!

During our chat, we discussed overcoming personal loss and how life's events can instantly impact (and sometimes derail!) your plans. It was through her own life's tragedies that she was able to understand how to transform behavior by developing strength through empathy.

Take some time for yourself and listen in about:

  • The #1 characteristic that helps people overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in life (and how to find it within yourself!)
  • Why some people thrive while others fail when it comes to dealing with overcoming tragedy.
  • The problem of how we turn to distractions and “busyness” during a challenging situation and what we should really do for ourselves instead.

When you listen in to this week's episode, you'll also develop an understanding of why we experience burnout. Instead of distracting ourselves, we need to take the time to lean into the discomfort, reflect on the situation, and deal with what's really going on inside of us so we can truly heal and move forward!

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Thanks so much for listening! :-)

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