It Girl Radio Episode #21: Tracy Timberlake - Using the Power of Video to Grow Your Brand

Are you looking for awesome ways to grow your brand? Have you heard video is a MUST if you want to stand out in your industry? For this week on It Girl Radio, I had a chance to catch up with Video Strategist, Tracy Timberlake. (And no, in spite of her cool name, she's not related to Justin!)

Tracy is an award-winning YouTuber and self-made businesswoman with a channel centered around makeup and beauty. I originally met Tracy when she enrolled on one of my courses and it’s been great to see her business take off!

Her YouTube channel has over 24,000 subscribers and 2.4 million video views! Her success has led to her working with some huge brands like L'Oréal, Mark Jacobs, and Cosmopolitan magazine. Talk about building a brand!

When I caught up with Tracy for this interview, we talked about harnessing the power of video to build an epic brand. It is her experience with success that allows her to help other entrepreneurs with building their own brand and increasing their visibility through video on all the social platforms.

Get ready to take some notes and learn about:

  • Why it's important to make the decision to become an entrepreneur, what that means for you, and understanding the work and commitment that comes with creating and developing videos in order to build your brand.
  • Getting a coach and asking for the help you need to reach a large number of followers on YouTube or other platforms, especially if you're unsure of where to start.
  • Having the willingness to invest in yourself, both in time and financially, so you can learn how to create amazing videos and lay the foundation for your success.

By listening to this week's episode, you'll also learn the importance of being uber-protective of your time. Use a planner, your phone, or any other mobile device, so you can block out time to commit to working on your business. And don't forget to make time for those ever-important coffee breaks and having fun too! :)

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Thanks so much for listening! :-)

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