It Girl Radio Episode #19: Mel Wells - Ditching Perfection

Have you ever found that you “beat yourself up” if you indulge on unhealthy food when you're “supposed” to be eating healthy? Or that you get mad at yourself because you're not “perfect” at a certain task or in certain situations?

If so, that's the perfect reason for you to listen to this week's It Girl Radio episode!

On the episode for this week, I met with Bestselling Author and Body Freedom Coach, Mel Wells.

Mel and I recently had a chance to catch up at an event we were both attending in San Diego.

What is interesting about Mel's story is she actually started off not intending to have her own business. Her work was focused on her mission to help other women have a healthy relationship with food and her business was born from that.

As part of our discussion, Mel and I chatted about how so many women focus on what they should or shouldn't be eating...When instead, they need to understand why they are really craving certain foods in the first place.

She also shares her personal journey of struggling with her own body images and the life-changing event that led her to educate herself on living a healthier life through food and nutrition.

Get ready for some insightful takeaways as you hear us talk about:

  • How we can be so hard on ourselves and why it's important to realize that no one is perfect.
  • The steps she took to be the youngest author to ever publish with Hay House (and why she was so successful at getting them to notice her!)
  • Her journey in promoting and marketing herself on social media and her efforts to captivate and engage her audience to maximize her success.

By listening to this week's episode, you'll also learn why any unhealthy food habits are really more the symptom of an underlying cause or problem that should be addressed.

Those deeper issues can't simply be solved by following a strict diet or structured meal plan.

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Thank you for listening! :-)

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