It Girl Radio Episode #18: Joanna Turner - Using Clarity to Let Go of Your Fears

Do you find yourself wondering if there's a way to reduce your stress and be more happy? That you want to get “unstuck” but aren't sure of where to start? If you're nodding your head yes, then keep reading to find out more about this week's It Girl Radio episode! This week's episode features my recent conversation with, Joanna Turner.

Joanna started off in her corporate career as an accountant and found she was ignoring all of the signs that she wasn't happy.

It wasn't until she suffered a back injury that she was forced to take the time to uncover not only what she really wanted to do but the reasons why she was so stressed and dealing with a variety of health issues.

She ended up training as a health coach but soon realized that people needed deeper help than just figuring out their issues with food. This led her to continue her training and achieve success in her coaching business today.

During our chat, Joanna and I discussed the challenges that often arise when women transition from a corporate job into entrepreneurship. She talked about her own struggles and shared some interesting insights into how our behavior is molded from an early age and how it can impact us as adults.

Grab your earbuds and take some notes as you listen to us discuss:

  • How our subconscious is running the show more than we realize and that it's programmed with a blueprint from our childhood experiences.
  • Why we tend to view the world with our beliefs, values and expectations and from age 21, our behaviors are set.
  • Clarity comes from letting go of your fears and by just doing something to see if you'll enjoy it.

When you listen to this week's episode, you'll also be able to listen to Joanna and I chat about how we doubted our value when we transition from the corporate world.

It's important to recognize when this happens as it can lead to unhealthy habits that can block your progress.

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Thanks so much for listening! :-)

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