It Girl Radio Episode #15: Molly Sapp - Mindset Strategies for High-Achieving Women

If you've been wondering why you're struggling to gain success in spite of all your efforts, then this week's It Girl Radio episode will be perfect for you! This week, I'm happy to share with you my recent conversation with the delightful Molly Sapp, Mindset Coach and Mindset Expert.

Molly helps women entrepreneurs break through their mindset blocks so they can manifest their dreams with ease and grace. When I met her in Texas, I was immediately drawn to her caring and strategic take on mindset.

Molly is the real deal! She has been studying self-help and mindset development since childhood and she definitely practices what she preaches. It was when she started helping friends and saw them achieve amazing results that she knew she was on to something!

During my recent chat with Molly, we discussed how she applied her work in her own life to create her success in both business and relationships and the common reasons why people are blocked from manifesting their dreams.

Grab your phone and some earbuds and listen to Molly and I talk about:

  • The specific movie, book, tools, and strategies she recommends to help you learn more about your subconscious mind and uncover why you're not manifesting what you want.
  • The importance of owning your value and identifying any fears you may have surrounding success and embracing the unknown to overcome those fears
  • How having consistency and ownership of your vision to succeed combined with a results-oriented mindset can prevent you from getting stuck

By listening to this week's It Girl Radio episode, you'll also learn the truth behind what blocks most successful women from manifesting their dreams. You'll also discover the different methods you can use to pinpoint negative thoughts you may not have realized you had and that are blocking you from attracting what you really want.

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Thanks for listening! :-)

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