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#001 - An Introduction: Selling High Ticket Coaching Offers is Easier Than You Think

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How many clients do you actually need when you have a High Ticket offer?

On this episode of the High Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast, I discuss an important topic: how many clients do you actually need when you have a High Ticket offer? The good news is that with a handful of clients you will likely be able to reach your goals.

““You need only one or two clients to reach your goals”

What is your income goal for the next year? Start crafting a high-end offer around who specifically you would like to work with.

“Always think win win”

If you want to dive in, to get more answers, join me in this episode that will surely bring value to your business. Make sure you subscribe on apple podcasts to stay in touch and receive notifications of our weekly content. Any questions? schedule a call here for more information.

“Deliver your promise, whatever you promise in your package”


[01:42] Setting your Goals.

[04:03] Building relationship with your client.

[05:40] Compatibility.

[06:16] The importance of gaining trust.

[08:13] Always think win win.

[09:04] Be selective with your invitation.


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