High Ticket Offers Vs Group Programs

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of both: high ticket offers and group programs. Starting with the pros of group programs, I discuss how group programs help you leverage time to help more people. You can, then, sell a single course multiple times with the same marketing materials. Group programs can also help you establish a brand and build reputation. I also explain the reason behind it.  

“Being part of a community in some programs that I took were a real game-changer”

However, there can be some disadvantages of group programs. The biggest disadvantage is the need to update your course and marketing contents on a regular basis. Also, as the programs aren’t tailored to unique needs of each client, they can be less successful in terms of client results.

“There will always be some people – no matter your price point – who will find your services expensive”

1-1 coaching, on the other hand, is tailored for each. During the second half of the podcast, I explain how 1-1 coaching, in my personal experience, has shown better results. As clients feel more confident to share their progress, you can provide them a tailored support for better results. Trust building is the most crucial factor of 1 – 1 coaching. This can take some time. During this period you need to be honest with the client even if it means losing some short term benefits.

But, 1-1 coaching lacks the element of community. It can be a good or bad thing depending on a client’s preferences. Ultimately, you are still selling time for money. I hope this podcast has opened up your eyes to the pros and cons of both approaches and you can choose an option which is right for you.  

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[01:10] The Pros of group programs

[02:54] The Cons of group programs

[07:58] The benefits of high ticket 1 – 1 coaching

[09:27] The Cons of high ticket 1 – 1 coaching


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