High Ticket Offers and Marketing: What works, what doesn’t and what to consider

As you must have noticed, we have changed the podcast name. When the episode starts, I provide a quick update and reasons behind the name change. Spoiler alert: the main reason is marketing. And the same is today’s topic, the magic tricks behind effective marketing for your High Ticket offers.

“If you don’t know who you are targeting, it will be very hard to speak to them.”

First things first, you have to be very clear about your ideal client and what’s included in the offer. Without these two, you will either target the wrong audience or confuse your ideal client. I give a personal example of how a convoluted offer made me decide not to opt for a high ticket service. Your sales pitch should also be incredibly tailored to every client’s unique situation. It will make them feel special.

“If anyone’s paying a high ticket to work with you, they want to feel special.”

Next, choose your platform. Select a platform where your ideal clients hang out. It should also be one which you enjoy and are passionate about. You can also go with multiple platforms. But always, invest your time and energy in growing your primary platform.

“Asking people for a referral can be scary, but there typically is a lot of power there.”

Publicity and PR are other important aspects of marketing your High Ticket Offers. It can be podcasts, blog posts, Television appearances, Radio programs, etc. Publicity helps you reach out to new audiences who may be interested in your services. Consider what media your ideal clients are consuming and then try to get featured there.

“For high ticket offers, you do need to warm up your audience. People won’t go from zero to 50K with you. They will need to know whether they can trust you.”

Another important marketing technique that often gets ignored is referrals. These referrals can be your friends, family or colleagues who may offer something different to you but share the same audience. Sure, asking for referrals can be scary, but they are a very powerful marketing technique.

As a long-term marketing strategy, consider SEO for your business. Make sure the content you write online is SEO Optimized. Take care of all the tags. And make it as user-friendly as possible. This will help you get maximum traffic from Google and other search engines. Finally, I discuss whether or not you should run ads for your High Ticket Offer.

This episode offers a quick rundown of different marketing techniques you can employ to sell your High Ticket offers. So, tune in to know how I use these techniques to promote my business. If you want to discuss what marketing technique may work best for your business, you can schedule a call here!


[00:22] Reasons we changed the podcast name

[01:30] identify your target audience and what you are offering them

[04:20] choose your platform for content marketing

[07:20] Public relations and PR

[08:03] Referrals through your existing network

[09:55] SEO

[11:46] Ads or no Ads?


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