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“60k+ of new business!”

“Working with Jess has been incredible. I booked $60k+ in sales with dream clients and hit my first 6 figure year. I’d absolutely recommend Jess and Uplevel Agency to anyone wanting to outsource lead generation and receive a world-class business coaching experience.”
Carly Taber

”Jessica can help you turn your dreams into reality.”

“Jessica is a fantastic business coach and friend. Till today, if I need sound and sharp advice when it comes to running my 7 figure empire, I turn to her!”
Sami Wunder

" I feel like the sky's the limit which is exciting!”

“The six figure numbers seemed so far out of reach for me…but now Fm earning these numbers. Having access to Jessica’s online marketing brain has been amazing!! To be able to have daily access to Jess to ask a question and get a response within a matter of hours enables you to grow really quickly. Not that long ago the six figure numbers that you hear online seemed so far out of reach for me and impossible. But now I’m earning these numbers. You don’t know what you don’t know – you need to have specialised systems in place to make your business successful. I have 70 members in my group program which is fantastic and I’m only working with a small number of private clients so I’ve been able to raise my rates quickly. I feel like the sky’s the limit which is exciting!”
Annabelle Matson

I tripled my average monthly revenue!”

“Jessica provides me with invaluable expertise and insights on how to continuously improve my sales and marketing efforts. Her recommendations have become an important input for me, as I continuously improve how I market and sell my services. So far, Jessica has helped me triple my average monthly revenue. And, I am confident it will continue to compound as we refine and adjust.”
Melisa Liberman

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