Common Mistakes People Make When Charging a High Ticket

In this episode, I talk about some of the most common mistakes people make when charging a High Ticket. While some have been briefly discussed in previous episodes, I delve deep into the specifics here. Avoiding these mistakes will save you time and headache.

“When you’re charging high ticket prices, you can get creative.”

The first most common mistake is taking on the wrong client. Even in group coaching programs, this mistake has the potential to destroy the entire group dynamics. I share my checklist for ideal clients to give you a better idea of how to avoid this mistake.

“Going through hours and hours of content? They don’t wanna do it. That’s why they are paying high ticket to work with you one-on-one.”

Second, not holding their hand after initial sign up. They must know what to expect. Don’t let them get confused or second guess. This will ensure a smooth and joyful experience.

“A client is only a client when they have paid you”.

The third common mistake is bombarding them with useless information. Instead, you should focus on what will bring them results in the shortest possible time. This depends on how customized your program is. But the best thing about charging high ticket is that you can get creative. You can also bring additional people from your team for assistance if required.

Fourth, not having clear boundaries. Your program should be very clear about what’s included in the package and what’s not. There should be no confusion. From my personal experience, I discuss how you can communicate the specifics from the beginning to avoid this mistake.

“Especially if a client have concerns about coaching, the sooner they bring it up and address that with you the better. Because then you have the option to work through it and transform it. The last thing you want is a client feeling like they can’t bring up certain issues with you, completing the coaching not really feeling good about it and then sharing that with other people.”

Another common mistake is working with clients when they haven’t paid you. A client is only a client when they pay you. Don’t work with them if they haven’t fulfilled their end of the contract. Here, I reveal some proven ways to work through a payment issue.

Poor customer experience is another big NO-NO. Set tone from the start. You can script it out to have an amazing customer service experience. Good customer experience can be a big differentiating factor between you and your competitors.

Finally, like any other relationship, there are ups and downs. Allow them to share their life with you and encourage them to tell you if they are experience challenges with your service or in any area of their life.

This ends another episode of the “High Ticket Coaching Offers Podcast”. I hope my experiences will help you avoid these common mistakes when working with 100K clients. If you’re interested in working with me you can schedule a call here!


[01:30] The first mistake: Taking on the wrong clients

[03:30] The second mistake: Not holding a clients hand initially when they sign up

[04:48] The third mistake: Overloading the client with too much information or unnecessary stuff

[07:44] The fourth mistake: Not having clear boundaries

[08:22] The fifth mistake: Working with clients when they haven’t paid you

[09:28] The sixth mistake: Poor customer service and poor client experience

[11:00] The final mistake: Encouraging them to be open about their challenges


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