You get what you expect

Jessica in red

How you expecting your clients, team, family and friends to treat you?

What results are you expecting you will achieve?

For years I truly believe I made things waaay harder than they needed to be because my expectations weren't high enough.

I was grateful to have clients so put up with clients who were less than ideal (one started yelling at me on a coaching call and one confessed she was having an affair with her VA, who I also knew!)...

I was grateful to have an assistant so I put up with things being done late or not to a high standard.

Yes, I was grateful for my business but these situations were not enjoyable!

Something needed to change...The first being my expectations.

I now have much higher expectations of what I do and don't accept in my business.

For example, we refunded someone after her first coaching session because one of my coaches shared she thought she was going to be a problem client - I listened to the recording and agreed.

I share with my team clearly what is expected and let them know if something isn't right. Of course they can then fix mistakes but if it's a reoccurring pattern I know something needs to change because making the same mistake ongoing isn't acceptable.

If you're not getting the results you want or if things just seem harder than they need to be, maybe it's time to set your standards higher?

Like, what if you just expected you would make a certain amount of money every month and weren't available to earn less?

What if you just expected your team would be amazing and took pride in the work they do?

If you want better results raise your expectations of yourself and those around you, I think you'll be pretty happy with the results!