When you take a step backwards...


When you take a step backwards...

You say you want to strengthen your mindset?

Just know, you won't know how strong you are until you're tested in this area and you're forced to recommit.

A few days ago I shared that my next up-level was strengthening my mindset practices, so of course the following day I'm challenged in that area!

I was feeling frustrated about a team situation. Without going into detail, I feel this situation has come up many times in the past and it felt like it was happening again.

I love my team but in this one particular area we have had (past tense!) this pattern and I'm 1000% committed to transforming it now (please and thank you).

I started my day without journaling and jumped straight on a call with a team member.

I wasn't thrilled with the conversation and so I carried around my discontent until lunchtime.

I was wrapped up in a complaining, blaming, “why is this happening again” attitude...

I went off to a meditation class and before the meditation I journaled and came to the realization that:

1) I shouldn't speak to anyone until I've journaled and had time to myself (it's bad news for everyone if I do!)

2) I have created this dynamic/situation/or “problem” so the good news is that I can change it!

I spent about 30 minutes journaling about this topic and writing positive statements for this area in the business and expressing gratitude for the people and situation as it's allowing me to go deeper and uncover these areas which need to be looked at.

I've recommitted to trusting the process and having faith (because ultimately when you start trying to control the situation or force the situation to go your way, it ultimately means you don't trust that everything will work out).

This morning I woke up to find that we have already made progress in the direction I desired, and more importantly I feel grounded and peaceful and know that this dynamic has already shifted - woo hoo!

Whatever “problem” you have created you have the power to choose to rewrite the story now.

And the quicker you do, the faster you will see the “result” you're looking for.

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