What it's really like to live in Bali


Two days ago we went out to get groceries and lunch and left Leo at home with our helper for an hour.

(It was his nap time and it gets really hot during the day, plus sometimes it's just nice to go out without a toddler!)

We came home an hour later to find:

  • Leo awake

  • Two hairdressers in the villa (I had ordered one for a blow dry but two showed up?!)

  • The power, internet and water was out and...

  • A snake had been removed from our living room!

    (The backdoor had been left open because the gardener was here...fortunately it was on the wall near the curtain rod not on the floor!)

    Everything, of course, worked out.

    Leo went to sleep.

    Both hairdressers left because there was no power.

    And later in the afternoon we all went to a hotel to work/play until the power came back on.

    Just another day in Bali!

    Truth be told two years ago I don't think I could have lived here.

    People often ask me what it's like to live in Bali and what I usually say is:

  • If you're the type of person who likes to control everything Bali is definitely not for you.

  • Unexpected things happen often and you really need to be okay with going with the flow.

  • The energy on the island is really strong so if you have issues you have been avoiding don't be surprised if you can't avoid them any longer.

  • And the traffic is pretty crazy in certain parts...

    Of course there are so many positives like:

  • Amazing food!

  • So many interesting and like-minded expats and conscious events/parties.

  • Super friendly and helpful locals that LOVE babies/kids.

    Your lifestyle goes up significantly - My friend Carly Taber says there are two types of people who come to Bali:

  • Person #1 comes here to save money and

  • Person #2 spends the same amount of money they did back home but gets a way better lifestyle -

    we fall into category #2 for sure!

    Following on from that, it's really cost effective to have helpers, nannies, handymen, gardeners etc.

    Everyone here has time and isn't in a rush like we found in Sydney and other big cities.

    Overall everyone seems to be a lot happier which in turn affects your happiness as well!

    Bali agrees with me but I don't think it's for everyone. If you're a little bit adventurous and like doing things outside the norm it could very well be for you too.

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