What if you just decided?

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What if you just decided that you would no longer settle for a business that isn't fulfilling or making the type of money that you desire.

What if you made a commitment right here and now that this time, it will 1000% be different this year.

You can make this decision now.

You can decide to no longer settle.

You can be unaplogetic about going after your goals and decide that no matter what they will materialise.

No matter what has happened up until this point, you can choose to do things differently.

You can choose to believe in yourself.

You can choose to figure it out.

You can choose to never quit until you reach your goal.

The the only way you will fail is...

If you quit.

If you don't quit at some point it will click.

Take a vow now that even if it takes 10 years to reach your goal you won't give up.

And hint hint it doesn't need to take even a fraction of that time.
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