Trusting the process


Following on from the house theme from a few days ago, I wanted to share another story about fully trusting the process even if whatever you're going through doesn't make sense right now...

When we were first moving to Bali a friend recommend that we take over the lease of their villa.

It looked beautiful. It was overlooking the rice paddies and was white and modern.

We were too slow responding to the owner because at one point we weren't 100% sure if we were going...(a story for another time)...

And when we decided we were going, we found out that the villa was already taken!

This caused quite a stir in the Nazarali household as we were sure that this villa was “the one”.

It looked perfect.

It matched all our criteria (at the time).

We tried to offer more money/a longer lease time but it didn't was gone.

We ended up finding the villa we are currently in (and love but there are a few things that aren't super practical with a toddler!) but always in the back of our mind, we were thinking...

“I wonder what that other villa would have been like to live in?”

Well, we got to see it today and we realized everything had worked out EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD HAVE, we just didn't know it at the time.

Today we are signing the contracts on our new villa in Bali which ticks all the boxes (one level, closed living room, pool level Leo can stand in, plus we get to choose all the finishings!) but for whatever reason today the villa from 6 months ago, the one we “missed out on” was back on the market!

So before we signed we wanted to go and have a look to make sure that we were making the right decision in going with the new villa - maybe the original one was the one we were meant to have after all?


What we didn't realize when we were looking in Australia at villas online, was how far away this one was from the main area!

We are now so grateful that the villa did fall through because if it didn't, we would have been living in a beautiful villa, in the middle of nowhere!

This is obviously a first world problem and if we did end up living there I'm sure it would have been fine but clearly, the universe knew that something better was installed for us (even when we didn't).

I wrote this as a reminder to myself today because at the time we were so convinced that we had “missed out” when really, it was never ours to begin with.

If you're going through something and it doesn't 100% make sense, trust the process. Trust that the universe knows exactly what you will need.

PS Sometimes having someone to believe in you when you start to question the process is exactly what you need!

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PPS As for the new place this is the design inspo, we're so excited!