The Art of Letting Go: How to Create a Business Beyond You

The Art of Letting Go

Can you do me a favor? Take a moment and envision your business. What services do you provide? What challenges have you overcome? What victories have you celebrated? Now envision what would happen if you went on vacation for two weeks to a remote island, with no wifi. Are you hyperventilating? Did it suddenly just get really hot in the room?

If not being able to work for two weeks makes you nervous, trust me, you are not alone! But, you may want to ask yourself: Do I have a business or a job with a flexible schedule that pays well?

Now, don’t get me wrong, flexibility and great pay are wonderful, but your business should be able to thrive beyond you.

Imagine having a vision so large that it invirgorates you when you are challenged. Imagine having a business that can run smoothly without you.

Having a business that is bigger than you as an individual is completely attainable. When you develop a solid organizational structure and team, the business can thrive and you can not only have access to more of your time, but also unlock scalable growth and increase the value of your business.

“Well that sounds great Jess, but how do I make that happen?”

I’m glad you asked! Here are three steps that can take your business to a level that far exceeds yourself.

Step 1 - Stay Booked

If you offer 1:1 services, make sure that you are consistently seeing a full roster of clients. As you move forward with creating and implementing systems to help you manage your business more effectively, it’s important to have total confidence in your program and your abilities.

Establishing a standard of providing consistently excellent service is a great way to build your confidence in your abilities and your product. Staying booked also allows you to see what parts of your program are working and what methods need to be adjusted so that you can fine tune your work and prepare to take on students.

When I say that your business “should be able to thrive beyond you” I mean it from both a mission and vision perspective as well as bigger than just yourself or one team member.

In most situations I don't recommend you move to this step until you are close to being fully booked with 1:1 clients. This will allow you to hone your skills in a one-on-one environment before many eyes are on you. Once you’ve mastered your 1:1 work, it's time to move on to developing courses for groups.

Working with groups of people will allow you to leverage your time. Instead of taking the time to teach 20 individual one hour classes you can teach one group of 20 in an hour. Beyond leveraging your time, this adjustments allows you to reach a larger audience and more effectively serve your vision.

Step 2 - Assembling Your Team

Until very recently I was hosting all my sales calls with women who were interested in joining my programs. I wanted to be certain that the calls would be handled well and so I handled them myself. But as my business grew (and we were approaching Leo's due date!) I realized it wouldn't be possible to continue doing this long term, so I found people who could take care of this for me.

Around the same time I started working alongside associate coaches who would coach my clients in my programs.

I began to realize that my clients are ultimately seeking a result and it didn't necessarily need to be me personally delivering everything - in fact it was impossible to do that.

In addition to hiring my team, I also started to put mechanisms in place that both supported my team and established a framework for future team members.

Step 3 - Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Think about everything that you do for your business and then ask yourself: What tasks can you and only you accomplish? Then seriously consider delegating the rest.

Because the truth is, any time spent on something that you can delegate is leaving less time for tasks that need your personal touch. This is a lesson that frankly, took a while to learn. Honestly, it really scared me.

I used to be terrified that if I let go, everything would fall apart, but that simply isn’t true. In fact, as I began to let go, things started to come together. Honing your craft, sharing your knowledge with others, assembling a team, creating effective systems and learning to delegate are core actions that lead to creating a business beyond you.