Stop Waiting for Things to Be Perfect

Jessica Nazarali Stop Waiting for Things to Be Perfect

Do you feel the need to build the perfect website, offer, funnel, FB ad, email (insert what-ever) before you go all in on your idea/business/offer? Well guess what? You don't need everything to be perfect and in fact NOTHING will ever be perfect.

If you're spending all your time focusing on getting things perfect I have some questions for you

  • Why do I feel the need to make this perfect?

  • What am I getting out of making this longer and harder than it has to be?

  • What am I afraid of when it comes to this project?

I'm sure you will likely know this to be true....

It's not actually about the offer or the program (or whatever you are spending all your time
on trying to make it perfect). It's about something much bigger than that.

Your confidence.
Belief in yourself.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of failure.
Feeling comfortable and safe where you are.

There are a million reasons but all of them come back to not feeling good enough so you pretend you're “busy” to avoid having to do the real work of sharing your message and being vulnerable. I understand.

I've been there many times. Getting distracted with tools and tech and things that don't really move the needle. So what makes the biggest difference? You being you. Being visible. Making the offer. Putting yourself out there. Getting out of your comfort zone.

It's time to stop hiding and stop trying to be perfect. You and your work are perfectly imperfect and your right clients will love you just the way you are.