Online Marketing Strategies to Kick-Start Your Business


Never before has building a thriving coaching or online business been as possible as it is now. Thanks to the internet and online marketing tools, you can grow your online tribe in record time. If you make a concerted effort - you’ll also create a standout brand that connects with your Ideal Clients and makes a positive social impact on the world. And yet..

Is blogging consistently a challenge for you?

Do you struggle with figuring out what to post on social media? Or find it an overwhelming drain on your energy?

Like most coaches, educators, and business owners, you may have answered yes to the questions above. You are looking to find a holistic way to grow your business. One that feels organic and natural, and one that works.

Consistency is the key, and it doesn't have to be a long, arduous process. It can be short, fun & snappy...Online Marketing Strategies

Today I want to share with you a few tips that have helped me grow my coaching business & my online academy. And how those same strategies can make a big impact on your business too!

Know Who You Serve

The make or break point of your business is knowing who exactly is your Ideal Client. Market research also plays an integral role on how you can serve them as a coach. What problems are they facing? Where do they hang out on social media? What blogs do they read? Knowing these facts about your Ideal Client is the starting point for your business as well as your social media and blogging strategy.

If you’re confused about who your Ideal Client is and what niche you’re in, I suggest checking out It Girl Business Mastery. It's an incredible program for new coaches, educators, and business owners looking to gain clarity on the main aspects of their business.

Banish Social Media Overwhelm

I get it. It's easy to get “flashy object” syndrome. I always tell my clients that social media and blogging are only one part of your marketing & branding endeavours. In other words, you shouldn’t be online 24/7, trying to stay on top of every single like or comment, or avoid doing other marketing activities such as creating real connections with people, or generating leads through Facebook ads.

While blogging and social media are incredible ways to connect with your Ideal Clients and followers, the reality is that it takes time to grow an online platform. Your platform is based on creating consistently helpful or inspiring content. This helps you to focus on becoming a reliable source for a potential client to refer to.

Before we dive deeper, let’s get one thing clear...

Spending loads of time on social media (chatting on Facebook, looking at cat photos, etc.) isn’t going to grow your business. It's a balancing act where the right amount goes a long way. I suggest batching your time for 1-2 hours a day depending on the size of the following.

I teach my clients that you need to be strategic and proactive with what you do. Focus on money-making activities, even when it comes to social media. You might want to set a timer so you don’t get lost in looking at cool places to stay in Bali on Pinterest or chatting with friends.

By getting clear on your Ideal Client and writing down exactly what you need to do online before you turn on your computer, you’re going to banish overwhelm and get focused.

Action Step:

  • After you get clear on who your Ideal Client is, create a social media strategy (or hire a strategist to create one for you). Get clear on the amount of time you are going to spend and when you plan to be online.
  • Choose 1-3 Social Media networks to focus on. Go with your gut instinct on this. If you hate Facebook, try optimizing your content for Pinterest and pinning your content to group boards. When you enjoy something, it tends to shine through. :)

Create Content That Over Delivers

One of the core elements I focus on with my clients is creating an editorial calendar for their businesses. Your calendar should be based on what your readers would LOVE to read, and that helps them solve a problem. Doing this will cause you to create blog posts that are uber-helpful or inspirational, and share-worthy.

No more fly-by-the-pants blogging! If you are a coach and want to create a business, you need to get serious about what type of content you create, and when you publish it.

This is what I try to achieve with my blog posts. Each post focuses on a topic that helps new coaches, business owners, and solo professionals grow their businesses. The topics range from how to choose your niche to how to make 10K per month. The posts are lengthy but easy to read. They get plenty of shares on social media because they are so darn helpful!

Action Step:

  • Whatever coaching niche you are in, create an editorial calendar filled with blog posts that are valuable. Your readers should be so compelled by the content that they just must work with you. Or at the very least, tell all their friends about how generous and awesome you are!

Start Using Pinterest!

Whether you’re looking to sell premium coaching packages, ebooks, or courses, I suggest trying out Pinterest.

Pinterest is proving to be a visually-appealing place to hang out online. It’s attracting millions of users from around the world. And it’s also the main platform I use for promoting my blog posts and content, as well as promoting that of my clients'.

What makes it so appealing for coaches and business owners?

There are a number of group boards you can join and pin your content to. This makes it easier to get in front of Ideal Clients (for free!) compared to Facebook or Twitter.

You can also create your own group boards around your niche and invite others to pin to it.

Action Step:

  • Join Jessica’s Coaching board and start pinning your blog posts! Make sure you have vertical images you can pin in your posts so that they show up nicely and attract re-pins on Pinterest.
  • Start gathering ideas of what types of content you want to post on your board and what other boards you might want to pin to.

Focus On Engagement

No matter how many followers you have, focus on engagement when using social media over “likes” or other popular metrics. Caring for people and responding to their comments or questions in Facebook groups or on the hot new Periscope app leaves a lasting impression. It's what will help you to build your brand and online tribe.

Outshine Competitors

Even if you are a new coach, you can outshine competitors by going the extra mile and interacting with people online. You can cold email someone who commented on your blog and thank them. You could also Direct Message someone on Twitter. Either way, think about how you can use your online platform to show your skills as a coach as well as your desire to help people.

Action Step:

  • Make a list of all the ways you can directly engage with people. Get creative here!