Mistakes in hiring...there is a silver lining :)

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Hiring mistakes have been some of the biggest mistakes I have made in my business.

I can see now though that every one of this mistakes happened for a reason.

They have taught me so much about business, myself and given me endless pieces of advice to share with clients!

I can see that some of the problems I've experienced in the past purely came from not having high enough expections and boundaries around what is and isn't acceptable.

So in case you need the reminder...

There are people out there who would love to work with you and are excited to be able to take care of the tasks you don't want to do or aren't good at.

By creating jobs for people you are blessing them with the ability to make money and be of service by using their gifts.

Having high standards and expdctions doesn't make you a bitch. You can communicate what you want clearly and with love and if your team member isn't up for it perhaps it's time to find someone else?

Ultimately if you're not supported, your clients won't be supported so get the support you need so you can be of best service to your clients.

We're currently hiring for sales people and coaches! If your interested send and email to [email protected] with the position your interested in and your experience in the form of a video!