IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #100: Live 100th Episode Q + A with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Jessica Nazarali

Wow! Less than two years ago I started this podcast eager to learn and ready for an adventure. I have learned so much about recording, interviewing and a host of other skills I've cultivated over time, and now I have a partner to continue this journey with. This week on It Girl Radio, Stephanie and I decided to do something new and record the episode LIVE! We wanted to do something special for the 100th episode so Stephanie and I decided to record this episode on Facebook Live and answer some pressing questions from the listeners. We also shared a few of our personal and professional triumphs and challenges, our favorite episodes and what we have planned for It Girl Radio.

Join us in celebrating our 100th episode of It Girl Radio!

Key Takeaways

[5:45] Jessica discusses the surprising elements she encountered when she started the podcast

[7:40] Stephanie tells us about her favorite episodes

[8:39] Jessica talks about what she's planning for future episodes

[10:20] Jessica shares who her dream interviewees are

[12:00] How to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome”

[15:54] Jessica discusses the value of coaching certification

[27:03] Jessica and Stephanie share their proudest personal and professional moments

Key Insights Shared on this episode

“Now I'm looking to get people on the show who have successful businesses in different industries because I think you can learn a lot by looking at different industries and then bringing back those insights and apply them to your business”

“A phase of hyper-productivity and then the phase of distraction.. those are both okay but they're a choice and you have to choose when you're doing what”

“Even if you have complementary skills, I think that spending time learning how to coach is going to mean you have a greater skill set to use with clients”

“A coach is not a therapist but a therapist can be a coach”

“As a society I think we are bred to go to school, go to college or university, get a 9 to 5 job and you go into the office. You know, the thought of being able to work from home or set your own hours is still really foreign to a lot of people...the fact that I'm doing it and can design my life around my's really cool.”

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