It Girl Radio Episode #41: Kerry Sheppard — Simplify the Sale


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a friend of mine, Kerry Sheppard. I was excited to be able to have lunch together, and pick her brain about all the things she is best at. Kerry is down-to-earth and has a lot to share with women looking to make sales. She has sales experience, grit, and commitment to serve women with big dreams.

Kerry caught the entrepreneurial bug early in life. She watched her parents operate businesses, and always knew she would follow an entrepreneurial path. Kerry pursued and succeeded in many sales roles. She took a leap of faith when she decided to launch her own coaching business. I don’t think she’s regretted it for a minute.

Today, Kerry addresses some of the common struggles associated with sales. She focuses on moving beyond the mental blocks we create for ourselves. Kerry also offers guidance on navigating business, when things looks great from the outside, but are falling apart on the inside. Kerry sticks to a routine that engages the body, mind and spirit. She explains how this helps her remain grounded in times of success and in hard times.

Kerry uses a simple process to sell. She truly believes in using her products/services to improve the lives of the women she mentors.

Not only is Kerry a marketing genius, she is also a bundle of fun. She mentions she is always up for a party, shopping spree, or some snapchat fun!

This episode is concise and is recommended for anyone looking to simplify sales.

Key Takeaways

[:46] Jessica gives an update on her websites, including,,, and an up and coming url.

[1:32] Jessica introduces Drip, a new email marketing platform she is using, and encourages listeners to check it out.

[2:38] Jessica introduces Kerry Sheppard, a business mentor and strategist.

[4:40] Kerry shares how she got started in her current business.

[9:18] Kerry helps her clients from A to Z, wherever they are in the building process.

[15:29]  Kerry explains how she deals with internal business challenges that may not be obvious to the outside.

[19:16] Tips and strategies for staying in a grateful state of mind.

[21:38] Kerry introduces her CARING sales process.

[25:52] Opening up and finding a vulnerable place with potential clients allows for sales to be made. Brené Brown is an expert on vulnerability and a great resource for improving relationships in your life.

[27:28] How to handle a customer gets  when they get “stuck” in the decision making process.

[32:51] Kerry shares where she gets her strength.

Key Insights

“The reality is, if you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business.”

“It really is about the grit. Are you going to be persistent enough to keep trying and keep getting better?”

“If you stay inside your comfort zone, nothing excellent is going to happen.”

“Sometimes we just gotta step back and have a reality check.”

“Dig in deeper; what is really holding [your customer] back?”

Show Notes

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It Girl Academy
Danielle La Porte
Gabby Bernstein
Brené Brown
Polly Alexandre
Kerry Sheppard