I've been making things harder than they need to be...Are you doing it too?

Signing the papers

Signing the papers

I came to the conclusion today that I've been making certain things WAY harder than they need to be.

Are you doing this too?

I realized that on some level I like the drama of things being challenging or hard.

It's obviously still serving me in some way otherwise why would I still be manifesting certain scenarios?

(Side note: if something is still in your life it's serving you in some way)

Let me give you an example following on from the last two posts about our new Bali house (read post one here) and (post two here).

One week ago exactly I was speaking to my coach/friend Rosie about how frustrated I was about our house situation.

The places we did liked for yearly rental were $70k-$100k per year and our perspective was that it felt like too much to be spending on rent...

We also didn't really want to do have yearly rental. An ideal sceniario was we get a leasehold (which is the closest you can get to buying as an expat in Bali without buying and putting it in a locals name) but building a place ourselves wasn't going to happen between now and April...

I was feeling really annoyed, it was either high yearly rental and even for that amount there were still things that weren't perfect or needed to change to make it child friendly.

Or getting a leasehold but I didn't see how it was possible to come up with the money, find land + builder and everything we needed and move in, by April!

Finally I ended up doing what I always end up saying whenever I feel like I have exhausted all options and don't know what to do.

I stopped trying to work it out.

Rosie pointed out that our worst case scenario - saying having to move into a hotel while building or staying somewhere less than ideal isn't the end of the world...

We wouldn't be homeless.

So I stopped trying to “make it happen” and forgot about it completely enjoyed our weekend and figured it would all work out.

On Monday we got word of a place which is being fully renovated in the exact area we want to be in.

It ticked all the boxes, leasehold, we can choose the build and finishings/style as it's still being completed (like adding in an office and the type of pool we want) and it's ready April 1st!

Seriously we couldn't have asked for a better place.

We saw it on Monday and by Friday we had signed the contract and were picking out the titles, when a week before we had no idea how it was going to happen.

I said to Faiz today, wow that was so easy, we saw it Monday and had signed by Friday.

I was so excited and grateful but part of me couldn't get over how easy it was.

Was there a catch?

We got absolutely everything we wanted (actually even better because we don't need to manage the process, find the land etc etc)

We have a 5 year leasehold with the option to extend to 10.

It's perfect.

But why was I feeling uneasy about it?

Because my default is: “this” (buying a house, building a business) is a challenge.

It's going to be hard.

So when it's not I'm almost shocked and waiting for the catch.

Certain things I don't expect to be challenging like parenting (not sure where I got this belief from but I'm keeping it!) so why do I view certain things as challenging and others not?

I spent some time today going through the different areas of my life and what I expect to be challenging vs easy and WOW it is so so interesting.

I've made a commitment to myself that all areas of my life are going to flow.

That it's safe and not wrong for life to be like that.

In fact if it's feeling challenging or hard it's a sure sign you're living out of alignment which if you want to label it, is “wrong” because it's not your natural state.

I suggest you look at your life and business and journal on: Where am I making things harder, more complicated or more stressful than they need to be?

See what comes up for you and decide that it's safe and perfectly acceptable for all things (money, business, moving, relationships, health, parenting etc etc) to flow and feel easy.

It's the way it's meant to be!

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