IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #99: How to Use Style to Enhance Your Business with Jessica Nazarali and Clarissa Grace

Jessica Nazarali

What’s your personal style? All too often style is relegated to the background, especially among entrepreneurs, but our guest this week is on a mission to help us bring beauty to our lives and remind us about the power of style. After suffering two tragic losses within two weeks - the loss of her newborn son and the death of her father, Clarissa pulled herself out of darkness through reconnecting with her first loves, style and beauty.

From being a bridal designer to running her online styling business, Clarissa Grace has gained a wealth of knowledge about personal style and business.

Check out this episode, where we discuss body image, self love and how all women can use how they dress to make themselves feel better.

Key Takeaways

[2:03] Clarissa tells the story of how she got started

[3:55] Clarissa shares how she made a difficult choice during a period of intense grief

[8:58] Jessica discusses how she’s learned to manage her feelings

[12:33] Clarissa explains the power of style

[14:50] Clarissa shares some common entrepreneur style “mistakes”

[16:45] Clarissa discusses the importance of visibility

[19:50] Clarissa talks about redefining beauty

[23:25] Clarissa tells us about how her work adjusts mindsets

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Key Insights

“I started wanting to be invisible...slowly as I started coming out of that, I started craving beauty”

“I could dress as the woman I wanted to become, even if I hadn’t become her yet...I knew ..I’m incredibly driven and I’m incredibly passionate even though I wasn’t feeling that at that stage”

“If you put something on your body in the morning and it makes you feel beautiful that sets you up for a beautiful day, and a beautiful day sets you up for a beautiful week and that creates a beautiful life”

“If you give in to your emotions every time it’s like you’re on this complete roller coaster...there are so many things I can’t control but I can control how I feel”

“I just came across so much brokenness and so much hurt around the idea of beauty...I just really opened up to the idea that style isn’t fickle, that it isn’t materialistic, that it is a tool that we can use to heal our hearts and to launch us into the lives we dream of”

“We need to express the beauty that is ours...people want to know you and people want to experience you”

“You can’t dress a body you hate”

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