IT GIRL RADIO EPISODE #98: It's Not You It's Me: How To Handle Challenging Clients with Jessica Nazarali and Stephanie Wasylyk

Jessica Nazarali

Can I be totally and completely honest with you? While most of my clients have been absolutely wonderful, there have been some clients that have REALLY challenged me. They have challenged my ideas about productivity, boundaries and even my sense of self-worth.

To be frank, handling challenging clients can really bring up a lot of stuff that is difficult to navigate and that's why we've decided to tackle that issue on this week's episode of It Girl Radio.

Do you have any client horror stories?

Are you currently experiencing one?

The good news is: You're not alone and we have some tips to help you traverse the sometimes downright crazy waters of handling difficult clients and come out as a stronger coach on the other side.

On this episode we look back on a few challenging clients and share what they have taught us about ourselves and our businesses.[/cs_text][cs_text]

Key Takeaways

[4:10] Jessica talks about the value of setting boundaries

[8:55] Stephanie discusses the importance of handling your personal mindset work

[14:46] Stephanie and Jessica talks about overcoming their difficulty with handling strong emotions on calls

[17:20] Stephanie and Jessica discuss confronting issues head-on with clients

[20:41] Stephanie talks about the practical reasons that clients struggle with taking action

[26:13] Stephanie discusses where mindset comes into place with clients frequently changing their minds

[28:35] Jessica summarizes what works well when dealing with challenging clients

[31:19] Stephanie shares the importance of having a strong community

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Key Insights

“You don't learn the most from your favorite clients”

“When you don't have boundaries that's when challenges are going to come up, because the client doesn't know what is and isn't acceptable”

“A lot of times these issues can be overcome when we are looking at ourselves...what do we need to do to attract people who are more ideal or to set up systems and processes and ways of working with clients that support them to get the best result”

“It's not the client's fault that you haven't set those boundaries”

“Part of this is going to be your sense of self-worth and self-respect and self-esteem...all of these challenging clients are going to challenge those pieces of you so it's important that as a coach you're also getting coaching”

“It can be that working with people who challenge you a little bit can be really great for personal growth or it can be just don't do well with that personality type it makes you really anxious, you've done it multiple times before and it could be time to realize that they're not an ideal client.”

“You don't need to work with everyone that wants to pay you.”